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Polyurethane For Dads

All dads are different, but there are some products made with polyurethane that any father could enjoy on his holiday.

The Father in the Fast Lane:

Does your dad enjoy driving on the open road and love everything about cars? Will he know that polyurethane is behind a lot of the comfort and cool factors of his car? Cushioned seats, protected coatings, and many car parts are made with polyurethane components that make vehicles look better and last longer. Plus, polyurethane is light-weight  which helps Dad’s car be more fuel efficient.  All dads love that.

The DIY Dad:


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Novomer’s Innovative Technology

Innovative. That’s the best word that describes Novomer and the Ford Motor Company. Ford teamed up with many companies, including Novomer, to find new applications for captured carbon dioxide (CO2) to reduce carbon emissions. Ford aims to help reduce global warming by using this greenhouse gas in innovative ways. Ford expects to be the first automaker to use foams and plastics containing captured CO2in seating and hood applications.  The new materials are expected to be in Ford vehicles by 2018.  

For foams formulated with up to 50 percent CO2 based polyols, Ford is utilizing Novomer’s Converge®-CO2 based polyols....

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School’s OUT! How Polyurethane Can Help Teachers Celebrate

The school year has officially ended. Students are free from school rules, homework and teachers. Teachers are also free from students and all the fun, but stressful antics that come with their jobs. We’re guessing most teachers take advantage of this time to relax and de-stress, spend more time at the gym or go on vacation! Polyurethane can make it all possible.

When there are no class periods, story time or any schedule at all – there’s nothing stopping you from an afternoon nap! In the heat of summer your sofa beckons so go ahead and sink into that

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American Coatings Show

Tomorrow in Indianapolis begins the American Coatings Show – the leading event for the paint and coatings industry in North America. The ACS brings together the top professionals behind your favorite painted rooms and the miraculously great condition of your kitchen counters.

The show will be an exciting spectacle of the newest products, research and developments in every aspect of the industry. Constant advancement and innovation will be the primary focus. And when innovation is the game – polyurethane is sure to be a VIP player! 

Polyurethane creates such a durable material; it can be perfect for many protective...

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New York International Car Show

This weekend begins one of the auto industry’s biggest events: The New York International Auto Show. For manufacturers a like, this show is the annual dream-come-true: the world’s sweetest rides are all on display, and concept cars give us a glimpse into the future of driving.

The 2016 show, March 25th – April 3rd at the Javits Center, is sure to showcase the hottest trends in auto design and innovation. An incredible amount of engineering goes into making our cars more efficient, safe, stylish and comfortable. Scientists and designers in the auto industry have recently turned to polyurethane...

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Incredible Polyurethane and Dura-Bump

Slow down! And appreciate that polyurethane is on the road – as well as in your car.

Speed bumps are often used to slow cars on busy streets, but they can wreak havoc on a car’s suspension and wheel alignment.

But, a polyurethane blend can offer a durable solution.

South African manufacturer Dura-Bump utilizes polyurethane to develop speed bumps that slow traffic. Manufactured with recycled rubber, the speed bumps are skid-resistant thanks to the polyurethane blend. This polyurethane blend also creates speed bumps that help minimize the impact to a car’s suspension and wheel alignment.

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Go For a Ride Day

Grab your keys and your favorite mixtape or playlist because today is the day we celebrate road trips! Whether you have a determined destination or not, many of us find it therapeutic just to get behind the wheel, or in the passenger’s seat, and cruise down the road. The seats are comfortable, right?

Did you know that much of the interior of cars, including seats, is made with polyurethane foam? Insulation foam plays a role in keeping your ride smooth, quiet and climate controlled. The flexibility and durability of polyurethane makes it an excellent material for the exterior of...

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Name Your Car Day

It gets your from point A to point B, and back to A and then around to points C and D.  It is your cool oasis on a scorching summer day and your warm dry shelter from the rain – and it gets you around town in style!

Take advantage of yet another unique holiday and give your vehicle some recognition, with a name that suits it. Amazing polyurethane also deserves recognition on this day. Without polyurethane, your trusted Timmy the Truck or sleek Sally the Sedan might not be quite so trusty or sleek. Those comfortable seats, protective...

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Need for Speed with Polyurethane

This month, the 66th International Motor Show will take place in Frankfurt, Germany. The show will highlight the latest trends and technological innovations of the year.

Polyurethane plays a big role in the automotive industry from the interior to the exterior. The coating of the car helps maintain a vehicle’s glossy appearance and protect it from harsh elements. Even the bumpers, doors, spoilers, windows, and protective coatings, can have polyurethane in them. There are even polyurethane adhesives and sealants that can provide strong bonds to join materials, help prevent leakage, reduce wind- and noise, and protect against corrosion.

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Splashing About with Polyurethane

We have all been there: walking around a scorching amusement park all day in the sun and all we would like to do is beat the heat and go on that big rapid water ride that’s guaranteed to get us and our friends soaked! 

Did you know that as you splash back and forth, polyurethane is there helping your ride not only be more fun, but also more comfortable? Polyurethane seats are used in some waterpark rides as they help reduce the maintenance of the equipment associated with maintenance and provide cushion for the riders.

So when you’re approaching...

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