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How Polyurethane Can Help You Keep Your New Year Resolution

This year, you may join the more than 45 percent of Americans making a New Year’s resolution. But did you know only 8 percent of resolutions are actually kept? 

Thankfully, polyurethane is here to play a part in helping you meet your goals – in ways you may never have even imagined: 

Have some home improvement plans?

If you are looking to update your home, consider accent and detail pieces made from polyurethane. The material is incredibly versatile. It can be made to mimic the look of wood and metal, and it can also be used to form almost everything from cornices to corbels and from ceiling domes to chair rails. Best of all, the abundance and uniformity of polyurethane-made components can make the challenge of scaling a design a snap.

Trying to eat healthy?

Rather than eating fast food, bring your lunch from home. A polyurethane-lined bag is a great way to transport hot and cold food items from your kitchen to your workplace – while preserving the food’s temperature. Experts say packing your lunch is a great way to practice portion control and can help you in your mission to eat prepared over processed foods. Your heart and your wallet just may thank you.

Trying to get into shape?

The right shoes can make all the difference in helping you achieve your fitness goals, and you may have polyurethane to thank for helping you find the right fit. While there are many makes and models of shoes, it is the midsole foam — usually constructed from polyurethane — that has the most to do with determining what athletes sometimes call the “ride” of a shoe. Designers and engineers focus on the firmness, uniformity and springiness of the polyurethane to get the midsole of the shoe just right.

Have some sprucing up to do?

Reach for a polyurethane sponge.They not only get the job done but can be easily cleaned which helps prevent the spread of harmful germs. While experts say cellulose sponges, made from a blend of tree particles, are widely used in the United States, many consumers prefer polyurethane sponges because of the material’s durability and resistance to contamination.  In one instance, polyurethane sponges reduced the risk of E. coliinfection by as much as 90 percent after proper disinfecting when the E. colipathogen was present.

Want to travel more in the new year?

Polyurethane is helping to make travel accessible by making modes of transportation – from cars to passenger jets – more comfortable, faster and fuel efficient. Engineers are increasingly turning to polyurethane for use in their designs, because the polymer is lightweight, durable and efficient. On your next trip, you may experience a smoother ride, a lower ticket cost, or less pain at the pump thanks to polyurethane.