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Fun Facts About Polyurethane

Happy Friday, everyone! Here are five fun facts about polyurethane.

  • Polyurethane is a tremendously versatile material, capable of enormous variations in chemistry, structure and application. This is why creative minds gravitate towards it when exploring/investigating design solutions.
  • More than simply a standalone compound, polyurethane is often utilized to help other materials perform. In other words, polyurethane is a team player!
  • Advancements in polyurethane blends brought us spandex fibers.
  • Clear polyurethane topcoats enhance and help protect the bright, richly colored basecoats on many top-of-the-line automobiles.
  • Polyurethane products have ushered in a whole new era when it comes...

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    Happy Earth Day

    First organized in 1970, Earth Day is a day to remember and appreciate the Earth’s environment, and our roles within it. Did you know the use of polyurethane contributes in ways that help us preserve certain natural resources?

    Today, rigid foams used for thermal insulation are significantly enhancing the energy efficiency of residential and commercial buildings. Because these polyurethane applications dramatically reduce buildings’ energy needs, we end up conserving natural resources that would otherwise be required for heating and cooling.

    In addition, polyurethanes also help make structures more durable, minimizing the need for additional maintenance or building upgrades. Certain...

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    Long Life for Polyurethanes in Building & Construction!

    Extreme environmental conditions and mechanical issues can shorten the life of building and construction materials. Yet, polyurethane can help be a part of the solution!

    How can polyurethane help protect against intense mechanical stresses and severe environments? Polycarbonate diols can help polyurethane retain its durability and high performance properties by replacing the traditional polyols used to make polyurethanes with more stable materials to resist forces like water and sun that can weaken the final products. With the help of these polycarbonate diols, polyurethane can better withstand difficult environmental conditions, such as extreme temperatures and humid conditions, and mechanical stresses such...

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    World of Concrete 2017

    World of Concrete (WOC) is an annual, international event dedicated to the commercial concrete and masonry construction industries. WOC showcases industry suppliers and innovative products, machinery and technologies.

    Let’s give special recognition to polyurethane for its contributions to the building and construction world. The versatility and flexibility of polyurethane allow its different forms to be applied across many problem areas. To fix sunken concrete, polyurethane foam can be injected through penny-sized holes in the existing concrete. The polyurethane foam then expands beneath the concrete surface to stabilize the weak material and fill empty spaces, causing the slab to rise...

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    NAHB International Builders’ Show

    Today is the last day of the NAHB International Builders’ Show in Orlando, Florida. This event brought together the industry’s most important global manufacturers and suppliers and showcased the latest products, materials and technologies involved in all types of buildings— including wood, concrete, stone and brick.

    Polyurethane is one of the most useful and beneficial products in the building and construction industry. Materials made with polyurethane can be used for many different applications, are lightweight and easy to install and provide durable solutions.

    The International Builders’ Show also highlighted new products and techniques in efficiency, technology and...

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    National Cut Your Energy Costs Day

    Cut Your Energy Costs Day encourages you to take a look at your home and find ways to reduce energy consumption. One of the easiest ways to lower your energy use is to turn down the heat in your home. 

    Did you know rigid polyurethane foam provides energy efficient benefits for insulation and air sealing products? And you likely already have it in the insulation of your home!

    Rigid polyurethane panels used for insulation help keep your home warm and comfortable, while reducing energy needs.  Make sure to turn down the heat and let those polyurethane panels keep you...

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    New Year, New Home

    Every year when January rolls around, you sit down and set new life goals for things like work, health, and family. But what goals do you set for your home? A little redecorating can help you get the fresh start you’re looking for in 2017. Did you know polyurethane is a high-performance material that is strong and durable, yet lightweight? Polyurethane materials, like sealants and insulation, make those renovation projects a lot easier for the construction professionals, and incredible durability means you probably won’t have to rehire them for years!

    Thinking about upgrading to a new couch, rug or...

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    Happy National “Roof Over Your Head” Day!

    Did you know that National “Roof Over Your Head” Day was created as a day to be thankful for what you have including the house that you live in? And we’re thankful for polyurethane, which plays a major role in the building and construction of your home.

    From helping maintain uniform temperature to lowering noise levels, rigid polyurethane foam is commonly used in roof and wall insulation. Polyurethane sealants have strong adhesive properties, which aid in the assembly of new construction materials. This helps your home stay in one piece during tough weather conditions. No wonder architects love polyurethane!


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    P is for Polyurethane-Durable Wood Coatings

    Often used for outdoor applications or indoor flooring, polyurethane wood coatings are frequently exposed to severe environments conditions and abrasion. The durability of polyurethane provide tough resistance against intense abrasion and harsh weather.

    The chemical company UBE uses the unique properties of Eternacoll Polycarbonate Polyol to maximize the performance of polyurethane produced from them. Polycarbonate polyols make polyurethane coatings highly resistant to heat, UV, hydrolysis, chemicals, stains, exposure to scratch & abrasion or solvents, and thus, more durable!

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    Polyurethane Insulates at the Greenbuild International Conference

    The green building movement is thriving and the Greenbuild International Conference is the annual culmination of it all. This week in Los Angeles, from October 5th to the 7th, some of the most forward-thinking individuals and corporations in the green building community will come together at Greenbuild . With help from incredible polyurethane, this community is moving our world towards a more sustainable, energy efficient and overall healthier future.

    A big polyurethane player in the green building game is spray polyurethane foam, championed by the Spray Foam Coalition. Spray polyurethane foam provides an effective solution to an...

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