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Polyurethane Insulates at the Greenbuild International Conference

The green building movement is thriving and the Greenbuild International Conference is the annual culmination of it all. This week in Los Angeles, from October 5th to the 7th, some of the most forward-thinking individuals and corporations in the green building community will come together at Greenbuild . With help from incredible polyurethane, this community is moving our world towards a more sustainable, energy efficient and overall healthier future.

A big polyurethane player in the green building game is spray polyurethane foam, championed by the Spray Foam Coalition. Spray polyurethane foam provides an effective solution to an...

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Polyurethane Builds Excitement for the 2016 Remodeling Show and Deck Expo

Polyurethane has played one of its most important roles in the building and construction industry. When it comes to the home you live in, you want it to be made of strong, long-lasting materials. Polyurethane is versatile enough to fit wherever it’s needed in the home, whether it is finishing the wood floors or outdoor deck, insulating the house to keep in warmth, or protecting the doors and windows. Polyurethanes in the home remain protected, durable and lightweight for years. All of this makes polyurethanes an easy tool for home builders and remodelers.

This week we’re putting on our...

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But What’s a Prepreg?

Have you, or perhaps your kids, ever “accidentally” made a hole in the wall? Maybe someone threw a football in the house or a corner of some furniture knocked a dent into the wall during a move. To spot-treat this problem, you probably went to your local hardware store and picked up a home repair kit that included a mesh reinforcing fabric. Little-known fact: this reinforcing fabric is called a prepreg.

Prepegs have become popular over the last few years because of their advantageous handling properties. However, there have been some downsides to prepreg technology when it comes to using...

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Polyurethane Panels Push Building Design to the Future

Hailed as “one of the most technologically advanced construction panels on the global market,”  a new lightweight, waterproof polyurethane product  is taking the building and construction industry by storm.

The product, a construction panel called MultiPanel, is made from a high density polyurethane composite material with thermoformable properties that allows the panel to be heated and curved any time even after production. This special capability allows builders to create complex and non-linear designs that result in more modern and efficient buildings.

Plus, the polyurethane panels are fire retardant and extremely durable! With all these additional advantages, this...

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Spray Foam Saves the Day in 70+ Year-Old Maryland Homes

When it comes to older homes, it’s very easy to say, “Out with the old and in with the new!” However, in one Maryland community, it seems as if they’re saying “Update the old and replace with new, more energy efficient and comfortable upgrades.”

Before rolling out a decade-long community-wide upgrade in energy improvements, home association, Greenbelt Homes, Inc., conducted a pilot to learn which building materials and products would potentially provide the best energy efficient outcome.

The crawl spaces below the 70+ year-old homes, contained batt insulation. It was replaced with spray polyurethane foam (SPF)...

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High Point Market

Interior design is a fun, creative endeavor that turns a house into a home. High Point Market, starting tomorrow in High Point. N.C., is the annual conference where all of the top names in home and furniture design come together to show off their latest creations.

High Point Market is not only a beautiful display of artistic design, but also a chance for the industry to learn about the technology and engineering of the products that end up in our homes and daily lives. For example, your living room couch not only sets the style of the...

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American Coatings Show

Tomorrow in Indianapolis begins the American Coatings Show – the leading event for the paint and coatings industry in North America. The ACS brings together the top professionals behind your favorite painted rooms and the miraculously great condition of your kitchen counters.

The show will be an exciting spectacle of the newest products, research and developments in every aspect of the industry. Constant advancement and innovation will be the primary focus. And when innovation is the game – polyurethane is sure to be a VIP player! 

Polyurethane creates such a durable material; it can be perfect for many protective...

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Polyurethane Chemistry Paves the Way for Infrastructure Repair

This isn’t exactly big news – but America as a nation can’t claim to be the “New World” it once was. We are aging, and our infrastructure shows it. According to this infographic by Dow Chemical, America received a D+ rating on the overall condition of structures like our bridges, roads, buildings and pipes. And raising the grade looks like an expensive endeavor. Yikes!

While many people are familiar with long lasting, water-saving plastic pipes, there are other plastics that can improve our infrastructure:  polyurethane!”

The versatility and flexibility of polyurethane allows its different forms to be applied...

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Sunken Concrete Solution

Sunken concrete can be a big pain if you have to replace the slab or if it causes you to trip!

Extensive research has found a new alternative for sunken concrete. Now polyurethane foam can be injected through penny-sized holes in the existing concrete which then expands beneath the surface to stabilize weak material and fill empty spaces, which causes the slab to rise up to the original alignment. While strong and durable, polyurethane is also extremely lightweight, reducing the likelihood of further concrete settling.

‘Polyjacking,’ as it’s known, has proven exceptionally effective. This is great news for both homeowners...

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Covestro Spray Polyurethane Foam Insulation Critical Part of NextGen Net Zero/Healthy Home

The past ten years have brought a huge change in the way we look at our carbon footprint – from transportation to manufacturing to our own homes.

Well, the goal of the NextGen Net-Zero/Healthy Home 2016’s is to create a house significantly smaller than your average home that has a net zero energy usage

The house was premiered at the International Builders’ Show last month, and used multiple products to showcase the ideal energy efficient home. Guess what was a star? You guessed it – polyurethane!   

Sponsored by Covestro LLC, the house is insulated with an energy-efficient polyurethane foam,...

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