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Polyurethane Chemistry Paves the Way for Infrastructure Repair

This isn’t exactly big news – but America as a nation can’t claim to be the “New World” it once was. We are aging, and our infrastructure shows it. According to this infographic by Dow Chemical, America received a D+ rating on the overall condition of structures like our bridges, roads, buildings and pipes. And raising the grade looks like an expensive endeavor. Yikes!

While many people are familiar with long lasting, water-saving plastic pipes, there are other plastics that can improve our infrastructure:  polyurethane!”

The versatility and flexibility of polyurethane allows its different forms to be applied...

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Sunken Concrete Solution

Sunken concrete can be a big pain if you have to replace the slab or if it causes you to trip!

Extensive research has found a new alternative for sunken concrete. Now polyurethane foam can be injected through penny-sized holes in the existing concrete which then expands beneath the surface to stabilize weak material and fill empty spaces, which causes the slab to rise up to the original alignment. While strong and durable, polyurethane is also extremely lightweight, reducing the likelihood of further concrete settling.

‘Polyjacking,’ as it’s known, has proven exceptionally effective. This is great news for both homeowners...

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Covestro Spray Polyurethane Foam Insulation Critical Part of NextGen Net Zero/Healthy Home

The past ten years have brought a huge change in the way we look at our carbon footprint – from transportation to manufacturing to our own homes.

Well, the goal of the NextGen Net-Zero/Healthy Home 2016’s is to create a house significantly smaller than your average home that has a net zero energy usage

The house was premiered at the International Builders’ Show last month, and used multiple products to showcase the ideal energy efficient home. Guess what was a star? You guessed it – polyurethane!   

Sponsored by Covestro LLC, the house is insulated with an energy-efficient polyurethane foam,...

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International Builders Show

The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) International Builders’ Show (IBS) brought together some of the nation’s most innovative products and ideas – many containing polyurethane. Participants spent three days in Las Vegas last month to attend lectures and engage with exciting new products, many of which aim to bring a social and ecological benefit to the industry.

More than 300 projects were submitted for the IBS awards, which honored participants based on their strength in the following categories:

  • Innovation
  • Functionality
  • Good Design
  • Builder/Consumer Friendly

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World of Concrete Show

The 40-year old World of Concrete Show begins today!

Attendees will browse more than 1000 exhibits of equipment, tools, products and services from industries in the building & architecture realm. Concrete is used much more in building and construction than many of us realize – in places we can see and some that are hidden.

Let’s not forget to give a special shout out to polyurethane, which can add extra strength even to concrete! Polyurethane sealants create a protective layer on the surface of concrete floorsWhat does that mean? It means when you stomp through that cool trendy warehouse...

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Bubble Bath Day

Rub a dub dub! Polyurethane’s in the tub!

It’s Bubble Bath Day and polyurethane couldn’t be happier.  Where exactly can you find polyurethane in your bathroom?  Polyurethane foam is also in contoured bath pillows, as well as bath mats and some exfoliating body sponges.

So much polyurethane, so little time.

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Winter Solstice

Do you snuggle up in a blanket next to a warm, crackling fire on cold winter nights?

More than the blanket may be keeping you warm inside your home.

Polyurethane can keep you and your family warm this winter and help reduce the energy usage in your home.

Check out some of the ways polyurethane helps keep you warm and cozy:

Spray polyurethane foam can play a major role in insulating and air-sealing homes and buildings – helping to reduce air leakage, which can result in lower utility bills,* and to improve indoor air quality by eliminating drafty air...

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Cook Something Bold Day

Spice it up!

While you’re being bold and having fun in the kitchen, things can get a little messy.

Luckily, many kitchen cabinets and surfaces are coated with a polyurethane finish that helps them look bright, shiny and new – even after the boldest of cooking.

Polyurethane also helps keep leftovers fresh. Polyurethane foam is used to insulate many refrigerators – help to keep our spicy food cool and fresh.

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Polyurethane Highlighted on Home Improvement Radio Show

Whether we listen for today’s hit music, the most up-to-date news coverage or to make our commutes more bearable, many of us spend time each day tuning into our favorite radio stations.

Mighty House Radio listeners recently heard about the many benefits of polyurethane and spray polyurethane foam.

Lee Salamone, senior director of the Center for the Polyurethanes Industry, and Justin Koscher, director of the Spray Foam Coalition, spoke with the Mighty House Radio hosts about how polyurethane is present in many of the products that make our homes comfortable and stylish, including furniture, mattresses, appliances, carpet underlay and...

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Tiny Houses and Polyurethane

Spray polyurethane foam can have BIG benefits for even the smallest of houses.

Spray polyurethane foam insulation can be used to help fill gaps and stop air leaks in many areas of a home or building – whether they are big or small. In fact, the construction and use of tiny houses is sweeping the country. Plastics Makes It Possible takes you step-by-step through the overall construction and design of the exterior and interior for one of these mobile and tiny houses.

Along with vinyl plastic sliding and trim, solar power plastic roof shingles, and plastic interior...

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