look what we did!Innovations From Polyurethane Manufacturers

Polyurethane Goes Camping

Camping is a great way to get acquainted with the great outdoors and spend quality time with loved ones. Having the right camp gear can help ensure your experience goes smoothly.

Camping tents coated with polyurethane are devised to be strong and water- and abrasion-resistant all while being lightweight. These incredible qualities can be very attractive to camping aficionados who are looking for a material that will withstand many of nature’s elements.

Having a comfortable sleeping bag or sleeping pad for the hard ground is also essential to your trip. Polyurethane foam is found in many sleeping bags and pads...

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Namaste Balanced with Polyurethane

Today we celebrate the popular practice of yoga. Whether you’re forming into a downward dog, twisting into tree pose or simply catching your breath, polyurethane probably plays an important role.

Many yoga mats are equipped with a strong, flexible polyurethane coating. It is super lightweight, so it doesn’t weigh you down on the way to the studio, and it can help wick away moisture so you’re less likely to slip once you’re there.

So enjoy National Yoga Day on your lightweight mat and in the comfort of your yoga clothes – which, by the way, are also probably made...

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Happy National Trail Day

National Trails Day occurs on the first Saturday in June and celebrates America’s extensive trail system by encouraging people to discover their local trails. Whether you’re running, biking or hiking, trails can sometimes lead you to difficult terrains. Luckily, with the right gear, you’ll be better able to navigate through it. And chances are the gear’s  made with polyurethane!

Polyurethane can be found in the midsole of hiking boots and other athletic footwear because it provides cushioning, shock absorption and lightweight durability. It also can be found in most modern hiking outsoles to add stability when walking on various...

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VMI’s Incredible New Hydraulic Indoor Track

Virginia Military Institute (VMI) is now home to one of the nation’s most elite indoor athletic facilities. The star of the show is newly-installed hydraulically banked track system. And polyurethane technology is making it all possible.

Beynon Sports, a leading innovator in the polyurethane industry, developed the Rise-N-Run Hydraulic system which incorporates polyurethane materials to create a strong yet flexible surface that athletes can actually raise and lower to specific angles. This adjustment helps to counteract a runner’s centrifugal force while circling around the track, and results in faster racing times.  

This is an exciting new feature is...

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National Bike Month

May is National Bike Month and the perfect time to get out and ride with your family, co-workers and friends.

Polyurethane technologies have enhanced the biking experience for riders. We all know how uncomfortable bike seats can be; however, many bike manufacturers take advantage of polyurethane foam in their bike seats to help ensure your ride is smoother and more comfortable.

Another polyurethane technology that has revolutionized the biking industry is the invention of breathable fabrics.  Scientists discovered that polyurethanes could be combined with nylon to create an array of lightweight, stain resistant and elastic garments.  Polyurethane fibers are...

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3 Valentine Gifts Made Possible with Polyurethane

Happy Valentine’s Day! Have you thought about a gift for your special someone? We have some incredible suggestions!

  • New Bedding
  • Give your valentine the gift of sleeping on super comfortable material – plush polyurethane foam. It can form to almost any shape, so it’s great material for cushions, pillows and furniture. Plus, a mattress pad made out of durable polyurethane will keep its shape for years, so you won’t have to get another one next Valentine’s Day!

  • Athletic gear
  • Want to try out a yoga class or hike a tough trail together? Comfortable workout clothes and shoes could be...

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    Polyurethane Joins the Big Game

    Are you pumped for the Big Game this Sunday? Get ready to gather around the TV with friends and family as you cheer on your favorite team in the biggest football game of the year!

    Did you know that polyurethane will make several appearances during this big event? Polyurethane is used in athletic footwear, specifically in the soles, to create long-lasting shoes that are comfortable enough for any athletic feat — or feet! The polyurethane in the players’ cleats is essential to help the players play their best game. Polyurethane is also found inside helmets, adding an important...

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    An Incredible Athletic Innovation

    Global chemical company, Huntsman, announced the launch of smartLite® PF 1560 TPU, a super lightweight, high energy return, thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) that helps provide comfort and performance for sports footwear.

    SmartLite ® PF 1560 TPU is well suited for athletic shoes due to its durability and resiliency. It’s incredibly strong, yet also flexible and able to spring back to its original shape after being stretched or compressed. These characteristics are especially important in running shoes.

    For athletes, smartLite® PF 1560 TPU provides comfort, which can help the individual run faster and longer.  Grab a pair of these...

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    5 Incredible Facts about Polyurethane

    Today is National Trivia Day! Here are 5 fun facts about polyurethane.

    • You’re probably sitting or standing on polyurethane right now. In our houses, the workplace and even our cars, polyurethane foam supports, protects and cushions us.
    • Polyurethanes are frequently used in the electrical and electronics industries to seal and insulate fragile components. It also protects the exterior of our electronic devices as it is frequently used as a stylish, but durable material for tablet covers and cases.
    • Polyurethane coatings play an essential role in maintaining your vehicle’s glossy appearance by helping protect it from harsh weather conditions. Who doesn’t love...

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    Achieve Your 2017 Fitness Goals with Polyurethane

    It’s that time of the year again. We’re starting to think about New Year’s resolutions. Health and fitness goals always seem to make the top of that list, yet they’re the hardest to follow through.

    Luckily, polyurethane athletic apparel can help you reach your performance goals so you can feel good while looking incredible.

    Polyurethane coated fabrics are abrasion-resistant, yet soft. These fabrics are also light and breathable, which make them ideal for comfortable, weatherproof clothing such as sports anoraks. So you’ll have no excuse to skip that run even when it’s raining!

    Polyurethane is also versatile and...

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