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Category: Athletics

Reebok and BASF Innovate the Shoe Production Industry

Global athletic footwear company Reebok and leading chemical company BASF have teamed up on Reebok’s latest innovation, the Liquid Factory, which could transform the footwear production process.

The Liquid Factory uses modern software and robotics to draw shoes in three dimensions. This new technique utilizes 3D drawing, where a proprietary liquid material – created especially for Reebok by BASF – is used to draw shoe components cleanly and in 3D layers.

Reebok approached BASF about a need to find a polyurethane (PU) system with unique properties that could not be found in the market. Instead, the liquid is drawn on the entire shoe as the outsole, resulting in a three-dimensional fit, creating the Reebok Liquid Speed shoe, the first concept to come out of this new process.