athletic apparel

Strong and stylish blend beautifully thanks to polyurethane.

When scientists discovered that polyurethanes could be spun into fine threads it didn’t take long for this new polyurethane fiber to be combined with nylon to create an array of lightweight, stain resistant and elastic garments. That was a big moment for all of us who like to look our best at all times.

Since those early polyurethane blends, continued innovation has brought us spandex fibers, polyurethane coatings and thermoplastic elastomers, which are heat resistant, formable and pliable.
 Because of these advances in polyurethane fiber and coating technology, today’s apparel designers have at their disposal a virtually infinite range of textures, colors and performance options for their garments, footwear and accessories.

Consumers are demanding quality and longevity from their footwear too – whether it is the latest pump or the season’s hottest sneaker. Polyurethane adhesives help footwear go that extra mile by keeping the important parts together.

On the job, at the gym and out on the town, polyurethane enhanced materials and fabrics can help us improve our performance, while feeling good about the way we look.