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Close-Up on Polyurethane in Electronics

Most of us need our phones, tablets, and laptops close at hand. These and other electronic devices have become essential to making our lives easier and more connected. And these devices rely on non-foam polyurethanes called “potting compounds” or “conformal coatings.”

What do these amazing substances do that make them so important? For one thing, they help protect your devices against the shock of being dropped and even the daily wear and tear of vibrations. They also provide some level of moisture and corrosion resistance for delicate electronic components.

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Keep Warm This Winter with Polyurethane

As fall begins and the days get cooler and shorter, it’s a good time to think ahead to the frosty days of winter. Making sure your house is properly prepared for the cold weather helps avoid potential headaches down the road.

Here are a few of the many ways in which polyurethane products can be used to help keep your home warm and comfortable this winter:

  • Spray polyurethane foams are used to insulate walls and attics.
  • Caulks and weather-stripping around doors and windows reduce potential drafts.
  • Rigid polyurethane panels used for insulation help keep your home warm and comfortable.
  • Foam...

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  • Building a Better Mattress

    It’s been nearly 30 years since viscoelastic polyurethane foam — better known as memory foam —first shook up the mattress industry. Along the way, there have been a number of evolutions and innovations. In 2003, the first compressed “bed in a box” mattress was sold, packaged in a cardboard container and designed for the consumer to unpack and expand at home.

    Today, some estimate that as many as one-third of the mattresses sold in North America are made of memory foam or some combination of memory foam and traditional innersprings.

    While consumers flocked to the personalized comfort of memory foam,...

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    Keeping Engine Noise Under the Hood

    Dow Automotive Systems has announced a new polyurethane system for hoodliners that can be customized to meet performance requirements while balancing weight and manufacturing needs. In addition to offering sound absorption and damping qualities, it is fast-curing for increased productivity and flexible enough to deliver large, complex shapes.

    “Our hoodliners enable customers to address global requirements for road traffic noise reduction,“ said Dr. Esther Quintanilla, EMEA Marketing Manager for Dow Automotive Systems. “What that means is this: our lightweight polyurethane foam allows for a quieter ride while helping to reduce vehicle weight.”

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    CONSTRUCT 2017 Begins!

    The annual CONSTRUCT show is underway at the Rhode Island Convention Center in Providence. For the next three days, construction industry professionals and cutting-edge building material manufacturers will meet to showcase the future of construction.

    Polyurethane will have a strong showing. From polyurethane-based binders in composite building materials, insulation,  flooring, roofing and more, polyurethane is critical to today’s modern buildings, both commercial and residential.

    Even if you can’t be at the show, you can follow all the action at #CONSTRUCT and #CON2017 on Twitter.

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    Athleisure Trend Stretches the Bounds at Fall Fashion Shows

    It’s the time of year when the runways are filled with the latest styles and future trends. As consumers seek to be both comfortable and stylish in their daily lives, the “athleisure” trend continues to grow.

    Athleisure wear combines the comfort of workout clothes, with the style that enables them to be worn in other settings, from casual social gatherings to the workplace. One newer entry to the athleisure offering is a stretchy, comfortable jean material. The material is made of spandex fiber (a polyurethane-based fabric), polyester and cotton, and it looks and maintains its shape like denim, but...

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    Polyurethane Shines During National Piano Month

    It’s National Piano Month, and polyurethane has an important part to play in making today’s pianos both tough and beautiful. The mirror-like finish on modern pianos is so sought after in furniture design it’s actually called “piano black,” and achieving it is quite a process.

    First, the wood and fiberboard the piano is made of ARE planed and sanded as smooth as possible. Then, sprayed layers of primer and polyurethane coating are applied. Multiple layers are sprayed to build up a thick coat. While the surface may look shiny, it’s far from finished. The coating must be sanded and smoothed...

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    3 Back to School Essentials Made with Polyurethane

    Break out your supply lists and coupons – it’s time for Back to School shopping! Did you know polyurethane helps make all of these things possible for the new year?

    New Shoes

    A staple for the new year, especially with growing kids! Polyurethane is a key material in making sneakers comfortable and durable.  With the help of polyurethane, even hand-me-down sneakers are better than ever!


    Backpacks made with polyurethane are stylish enough for fashionistas and strong enough for bookworms.

    Dorm Room Mattress Pads

    College bound? After a full day of studying, a good night’s sleep is important...

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    Buddhas are packaged in foil and ready for export

    Polyurethane Cuts Statue Manufacturing Time in Half

    An art studio that designs and manufactures statues worldwide has recently been making use polyurethane products. Its typical manufacturing process takes 6 to 8 weeks; however, since the integration of Alchemie’s PU 3676, statues are being completed in as little as 2 to 3 weeks.

    PU 3676 is a low viscosity, two-component polyurethane system that can be used to produce patterns, molds, models and prototypes with excellent fine-detail replication. PU 3676 can be filled with mineral or metallic fillers for reduced shrinkage and has rapid demold times even when cast in thin sections. That’s truly incredible!

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    Truck and highway at sunset - transportation background

    DOW Chemical Helps Keep the “Cold Chain” Cold

    Dow Chemical Co. introduced a new adhesive material called Monstergrip.  It can bond fiberglass panels to prepared spray foam insulation inside refrigerated trucks and trailers. Refrigerated trucks transport fresh and frozen food safely and efficiently as a key part of the “cold chain.”

    Polyurethane keeps the cold in the cold food!

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