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Happy Earth Day

First organized in 1970, Earth Day is a day to remember and appreciate the Earth’s environment, and our roles within it. Did you know the use of polyurethane contributes in ways that help us preserve certain natural resources?

Today, rigid foams used for thermal insulation are significantly enhancing the energy efficiency of residential and commercial buildings. Because these polyurethane applications dramatically reduce buildings’ energy needs, we end up conserving natural resources that would otherwise be required for heating and cooling.

In addition, polyurethanes also help make structures more durable, minimizing the need for additional maintenance or building upgrades. Certain...

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Polyurethane Innovates at the New York Auto Show

We’re getting in gear for car makers and car lovers’ event of the year: The New York International Auto Show! The automotive industry is an excellent example of the endless possibilities of innovation, design and engineering. We love to watch those shiny cars speed off in style, but have you ever thought of the chemistry behind these cars?

Polyurethane has proven its value as a material for car manufacturers – from your show-stopping speedster to your everyday ride. It’s durable, lightweight properties help materials like clear coatings provide a long-lasting, pristine top coat and bond together a vehicle’s many different...

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Polyurethane Goes Gardening!

Break out your gloves for National Gardening Month!

Of all the tools you need for gardening, your gloves have to be one of the most important. Apart from keeping your hands clean, gardening gloves also help keep your hands dry and better protected from harsh and scratchy substances. Polyurethane gloves are also durable enough to help you pull out those stubborn weeds for many seasons!

Polyurethane garden hoses are another essential gardening tool due to their flexible material. After being stretched to capacity, polyurethane hoses typically spring back into shape. How great is that?  Polyurethane helps reduce hoses’ weight, taking away a...

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National Guitar Month

Happy National Guitar Month! Whether you play the guitar or any other instrument, you know that musicians prioritize keeping instruments in pristine condition!

Did you know that polyurethane paints and coatings can be applied to the surface of guitars and other instruments for protection? Polyurethane coatings not only adhere well to wood and other materials, but they also provide extra durability to the structure of the instrument. Polyurethane paints and coatings also add a nice sheen to the surface of instruments so they can look as good as they sound!

Polyurethane is also commonly used in the construction of musical...

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International Pillow Fight Day

It’s International Pillow Fight Day! Today, people in various cities around the world will take to the streets and participate in a massive pillow fight. If your city is not hosting one of these fun events, you can still set up your own with friends and family  – all you’ll need is a strong pillow made of polyurethane foam!

Polyurethane foam is used in many mattresses and pillows. As a breathable material, polyurethane helps keep you cool and relaxed throughout the entire night. Apart from providing comfort, polyurethane pillows are also very durable. Polyurethane helps pillows hold their shape –...

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Makin’ Waffles with Polyurethane

What’s a more wonderful start to your day than eating waffles served with soft butter and warm syrup? Thankfully, there’s a national holiday to celebrate this sweet, buttery breakfast food – happy National Waffle Day!

What’s your favorite way to prepare your waffles? No matter what you use, chances are polyurethane is involved in helping keeping your waffles fresh. If you keep it simple with frozen waffles, polyurethane foam insulation is likely what’s built into your freezer to help keep those waffles frozen. Polyurethane’s durable properties make it great  for insulation.

When you use the toaster, oven or a waffle...

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Polyurethane Covers the 2017 CoatingsTech Conference

Polyurethane chemistry is commonly used for protective coatings and paints. Polyurethane materials are so versatile that they can easily cover many surface types, yet remain durable to protect that surface. So when you want to protect the bed of your pick-up truck or finally get around to refinishing that table – polyurethanes help make sure the surface stays in great condition!

Chemists are always discovering new ways to use polyurethane in the paint and coatings industry, which is why we’re sure to find some PU chemistry at the2017 CoatingsTech Conference. The CoatingsTech conference showcases the paint and coatings...

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! Hosting a party to celebrate the fun holiday? Then you’ll need to bring out the green snacks, decorations and party favors!

Did you know polyurethane can be found in a lot of the materials used for your best parties? Polyurethane is incredibly durable and versatile, which can help protect your leprechaun hats, shiny gold coins, and many other fun plastic decorations.

Polyurethane is also found in the insulation of refrigerators and freezers, helping keep your drinks and snacks and fresh during and after the party. And it’s not a party without cold drinks and fresh...

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Take a Nap with Polyurethane

We all know how important it is to get a good night’s rest, but that might not always happen. When you haven’t slept for the full seven or eight hours, a nap can help you recharge or catch up on those hours you may have skipped.  All you need is a comfortable bed to dive into!

Polyurethane can be found in most upholstered furniture and bedding. It can be used in mattresses to help provide the support your body needs by keeping your neck and back aligned and preventing sore muscles and stiff necks. Polyurethane materials are also lightweight...

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Michelin Introduces Airless Golf Cart Tire

Polyurethane innovation alert! Michelin Tweel Technologies announced the release of the X Tweel Turf, which is a completely airless tire that works with gas- and electric-powered golf carts.

This polyurethane tire is a great solution for vehicles often used in rugged surface conditions since drivers won’t have to worry about the tires becoming flat or losing pressure. It’s reported that the X Tweel Turf can support a load up to 705 pounds due to its high-strength poly-resin spokes that help distribute the weight.

Polyurethane’s durable and versatile properties are playing a big role in helping Michelin Tweel Technologies innovate...

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