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Slam Dunk! Polyurethane Is on the Court

Today’s professional basketball courts vary widely in their design, subflooring systems and staining, but two things are (almost) always the same: the hardwood used to make them and the polyurethane used as a finish.

Hard maple (acer saccharum) is used in major league U.S. and Canadian basketball courts except Boston’s, which uses red oak. Maple is generally chosen because it’s very hard, but very light in color, which makes it easier for players and spectators to see the ball.

Regardless of whether the floor is bare, stained or painted, high-gloss polyurethane is used as a final finish. It provides strong...

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National Park Rangers Rely on Polyurethane

Yellowstone National Park was established on March 1, 1872 — the first park of its kind in the United States and possibly the world. Today, Yellowstone’s park rangers are responsible for protecting and preserving the park’s lands, and they perform a number of duties in the rugged terrain, which spans Wyoming, Montana and Idaho.

From maintaining trails to rescuing wayward travelers, park rangers rely on a variety of versatile equipment made with polyurethane in order to make their jobs easier. Spending most of their time outdoors, park rangers need gear and clothing that is tough, protective and lightweight. Polyurethane...

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New Innovations in Wearable Technology

Smart watches and activity trackers have already taken the world by storm. Tomorrow’s wearable technology will be smaller and smarter than ever. Recent innovations include wearable electronic UV detectors the size of a thumbnail and glasses compatible with commonly used voice assistant technology.

One of the technologies that make these innovations possible is the flexible circuit board.  Made from a variety of thermoplastic polyurethanes, flexible substrates are mere micrometers in thickness and add very little weight to products, which makes them ideal for wearable solutions.

Innovations like these can help us live longer, healthier lives as well as increase our...

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Polyurethane Helps the Show Go on for a Historic Theater Space

Around the country, former theater spaces have often struggled to succeed after decades of neglect and competition from other forms of entertainment. But as interest in revitalizing these monuments to a bygone era has increased, many have found new life as cinemas, arts centers and even restaurants. Such was the case with the 14th Street Theater in Cleveland’s historic theater district.

Back in the 1980s, when then-owners PlayhouseSquare were looking to renovate the aging building, they realized additional waterproofing and building insulation was necessary. They were interested in energy saving options, but also wanted to keep costs affordable. Enter spray...

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Polyurethane’s Valentine’s Day Gift List

If you’re still looking for a present for that special someone, allow polyurethane to provide a few options.

Electronics — Give your Valentine a gift that keeps him or her connected. From the latest smartphone or watch to personal fitness trackers, polyurethane compounds help protect high-tech devices from moisture, thermal shock and vibrations.

Active Wear — If your Valentine is the sporty type, go for a new long-sleeved top, hoodie or jacket made from polyurethane fibers. You’ll keep your honey warm and comfortable on cold workout days.

Pillows — What’s better than the gift of a good night’s sleep? Memory...

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How Polyurethane Transformed Winter Sports

Elite athletes from around the world have dreams of out-performing the competition and achieving lasting glory. But today’s super-human feats of speed, grace and skill owe a debt to the advances in chemistry that have transformed winter sporting equipment.

For example, early waterproof fabrics were made of cumbersome, heavy rubber. Now, athletes enjoy lightweight nylon and polyurethane fibers that repel snow and sleet while still allowing moisture to evaporate.

Skis once made of wood, metal and leather are now made with a polyurethane core and synthetic fiber coatings that increase strength, minimize weight and reduce vibrations for a smoother ride.


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Polyurethane is Our Choice for MVP

It won’t get to hoist a trophy or enjoy a ticker-tape parade, but polyurethane will still play a vital role in the big game this Sunday. 

On the field, polyurethane’s impact starts with the most important piece of equipment — the ball. Inside most footballs is an inflatable, three-ply polyurethane bladder, which gives it both durability and a consistent feel. On the players themselves, stretchy, sweat-wicking polyurethane in the uniforms will help keep them comfortable as the game goes on, while polyurethane will feature in their cleats as both a cushioning foam and an adhesive. Polyurethane even features in some...

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Re-energize Your Resolve with Polyurethane

If you’re like many people, you want to try to be healthier and work out more. Whether your goal is part of a recent resolution or an ongoing lifestyle choice, the winter months can challenge even the most devoted of exercisers. Mixing up your routine can help keep you motivated and provide new health benefits as you exercise different muscle groups. Polyurethane can help!

Floor and yoga mats, commonly made from polyurethane, can help to make hard surfaces comfortable and less slippery. Stair and rowing machines, as well as stationary bicycles and weight benches also tend to rely on polyurethane...

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Polyurethane Helps Bring Resiliency Home

As extreme weather becomes more common and seismic events continue to threaten many areas of the globe, resiliency has become a watchword for those in the building and construction industries.  Resilient design and construction can help structures withstand or minimize the effects of hurricane-force winds, heavy flooding, and even earthquakes.

As the International Builders Show opens today in Orlando, FL, resiliency will be on the minds of many attendees. From better roofing materials to stronger bonds for structural components, polyurethane has an important role to play in making homes and other structures not only more energy-efficient, but also better...

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Get Ready to See Polyurethane in Action at CES

It’s that time of year again! The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) will open next Tuesday in Las Vegas and the world will be amazed at the latest, must-have gadgets and technology. And many of those innovations depend on polyurethane.

For many electronic devices — such as gaming consoles, fitness tracking devices and virtual reality headsets — polyurethane provides protection for sensitive electronic components. Meanwhile, in 3-D printers, polyurethane can be the raw material for creating prototypes, components and more.

Over at the vehicle technology venue, polyurethane will be helping make self-driving and traditional vehicle bodies lighter so that they can...

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