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A Veterans Day Salute to Polyurethane

On Veterans Day, as we thank our members of the military for their service, we take a look at the role polyurethanes have played in military ventures past and present.

Polyurethanes were invented in the 1930s but became broadly used during World War II. At the time, rubber was a challenge to produce and scarce. Polyurethane offered a more available and versatile alternative. New applications were quickly developed, including clothing; protective finishes for airplanes; and coatings to protect metal, wood, and masonry from chemicals and corrosion.

Today, polyurethane continues to play a role in supporting our military – from boots...

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Making Surfboards from Recycled Plastic

Polyurethane foam is often used by car manufacturers during the early design phase. The foam is used as an armature on which clay models can be shaped and reshaped. But what happens when the design phase is through? One car company has a solution: recycling the material for use in professional-grade surfboards.

The polyurethane skeletons are recovered after the design process is finished and reformed into blocks that can then be shaped to precise dimensions for use in products like surfboards. The boards are being tested by English women’s open surfing champion surfer Lucy Campbell.  By recycling the polyurethane, the...

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All Decked Out for the Remodeling Show Deck Expo

The Remodeling Show Deck Expo opens today in Nashville, Tenn. And that means it’s a great time to take a look at the all ways in which polyurethane makes your deck a wonderful place to spend a pleasant day or evening.

Polyurethane coatings and finishes help to seal wood decks and protect them from wear and the elements, including water, wind, and sun. That means your deck can last longer and need fewer boards replaced over time. It also keeps the wood stains or natural color from fading.

To stay up-to-date on the latest at the Expo, visit remodelingdeck.com

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Guardian Innovations Brings Polyurethane Advances to the Playing Field

Athletes — from students to professionals — always want their equipment to perform at its best. At Atlanta-based Guardian Innovations, owners Erin and Lee Hanson are helping lacrosse balls to maintain their peak condition. The ball in a lacrosse game can be hurled at speeds of up to 90 miles per hour. Commonly used rubber balls were known to harden and grow slick over time which hinders performance.

Guardian created a ball made entirely of polyurethane, which resists grease and hardening. Certified by the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE), it has since been made the official...

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Photo Credit: http://bit.ly/2gm9nME
Photo Credit: http://bit.ly/2gm9nME

Polyurethane Foam Transform Fabrics into Functional Works of Art

Industrial designer Idan Moskona experiments with materials including polyurethane, different textiles and wood to create sturdy and unique inflated furniture. As part of his project, Moskona injected polyurethane into an array of different fabrics, some loosely woven, and some tightly woven.

Playing with dyes, dimensions, and saturation, Moskona was able to create a wide variety of designs that look like a kind of free-form sculpture. For the bench shown above, a spandex fiber fabric was first set into a beech wood frame. Then, the polyurethane was pumped in and allowed to expand. The final result is functional, comfortable and...

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Hot Halloween Costumes, Courtesy of Polyurethane

Did you know some of this year’s most popular Halloween costumes rely on polyurethane technology? Take, for example, superhero characters: prop versions of shields, swords and other superhero gear are often made out of polyurethane. Because polyurethane is lightweight and easy to form into different shapes, it’s well suited for all kinds of props.

For those indulging in a little 1980s nostalgia, female wrestlers will be another hot Halloween costume for 2017. Their shiny, stretchy bodysuits usually rely on spandex fiber fabric made from polyurethane fibers. 

Or maybe you’re going for a more traditional costume — a cowboy or a...

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Polyurethane Helps Make Minivans More Comfortable and Fuel Efficient

As today’s auto manufacturers strive to make vehicles more fuel-efficient and comfortable for drivers and passengers, they turn to polyurethane for help. In one recent example, a car company took advantage of two unique Dow Automotive products as it created its 2018 minivan model.

The first product, a structural adhesive, provides both stiffness and weight reduction to the minivan’s front end, which helps improve both ride comfort and vehicle performance. The second, polyurethane foam, is applied in vehicle cavities to reduce noise and vibrations, helping to deliver outstanding acoustic performance to the vehicle’s interior.

The advances led to Dow...

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Close-Up on Polyurethane in Electronics

Most of us need our phones, tablets, and laptops close at hand. These and other electronic devices have become essential to making our lives easier and more connected. And these devices rely on non-foam polyurethanes called “potting compounds” or “conformal coatings.”

What do these amazing substances do that make them so important? For one thing, they help protect your devices against the shock of being dropped and even the daily wear and tear of vibrations. They also provide some level of moisture and corrosion resistance for delicate electronic components.

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Keep Warm This Winter with Polyurethane

As fall begins and the days get cooler and shorter, it’s a good time to think ahead to the frosty days of winter. Making sure your house is properly prepared for the cold weather helps avoid potential headaches down the road.

Here are a few of the many ways in which polyurethane products can be used to help keep your home warm and comfortable this winter:

  • Spray polyurethane foams are used to insulate walls and attics.
  • Caulks and weather-stripping around doors and windows reduce potential drafts.
  • Rigid polyurethane panels used for insulation help keep your home warm and comfortable.
  • Foam...

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  • Building a Better Mattress

    It’s been nearly 30 years since viscoelastic polyurethane foam — better known as memory foam —first shook up the mattress industry. Along the way, there have been a number of evolutions and innovations. In 2003, the first compressed “bed in a box” mattress was sold, packaged in a cardboard container and designed for the consumer to unpack and expand at home.

    Today, some estimate that as many as one-third of the mattresses sold in North America are made of memory foam or some combination of memory foam and traditional innersprings.

    While consumers flocked to the personalized comfort of memory foam,...

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