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Warm Beer? Thermoplastic Polyurethane to the Rescue!

Polyurethane is great at keeping your summer beverages cold when they’re in the refrigerator or cooler, but what about once you’re drinking them? Beer Blizzard™ is a freezable disk made of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) that’s designed to fit into the indentation on the bottom of a soda or beer can. Tucked inside a koozie, it continues to cool your drink from the bottom up.

TPU is an excellent choice for this application because it can be frozen and defrosted thousands of times without cracking, and can be created in any color. Created by Mike Robb and Tom Osbourne, Beer Blizzard™...

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Six Summer Favorites Made with Polyurethane

  • Floats
  • Whether you choose to drift lazily down a river in a tube or rule the pool atop a giant swan, your conveyance is probably made with polyurethane. Polyurethane is great for floats because it’s lightweight and flexible enough to form almost any shape, but durable enough to last all summer long.

  • Surfboards
  • Before they were made with lightweight polyurethane foam cores, surfboards were manufactured with heavy plywood, weighing up to 10 lbs.

  • Outdoor Furniture
  • Polyurethane coatings help protect your favorite lawn chair or beach recliner from the wear and tear of summer weather. Just don’t...

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    Spray Polyurethane Foam Keeps It Cool

    We often think of insulation helping to keep our houses warm in the winter. But it also plays a key role in maximizing cooling efficiency in warm climates or during the hottest months of the year. Spray polyurethane foam (SPF) in particular is an excellent insulator that can help keep the cool air in and the hot, humid air out.

    The secret is SPF’s ability to expand into the smallest of spaces. Unlike other forms of insulation that may leave gaps, when properly applied SPF can seal off walls, ceilings, floors and roofs. Installing SPF in a new home or...

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    Body by Polyurethane

    Looking to show off a toned physique on the beach this summer? Polyurethane has your back — and your biceps and abs, too.

    Not only is polyurethane found in exercise apparel and footwear, but it’s also found in many kinds of exercise equipment. For example, exercise mats made with a thin layer of polyurethane foam are great for supporting your knees and back when doing floor exercises, stretching or yoga.

    Exercising is easier when you have a friend to motivate and work out with you. Tossing a medicine ball — filled with solid polyurethane — to a partner helps strengthen multiple...

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    Soccer Scores with Polyurethane

    Soccer (or football, as it’s known outside the U.S.) is the world’s most popular sport — with an estimated 4 billion fans worldwide. Although the game has been played the same way for more than 100 years now, the more recent addition of polyurethane coating to the ball has had an important impact on performance for the sport.

    Soccer balls were once typically made from genuine leather. But leather can take on water, making the ball soggy and heavy in rainy conditions. Starting in the 1970s, manufacturers began adding a coat of polyurethane to help make the ball waterproof. Polyurethane...

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    Polyurethane Foam Helps Musical Equipment Travel Safely

    The summer concert season is upon us, and musicians of all genres will go on tour to the delight of their fans. Have you ever wondered how all the instruments and equipment you see on stage get transported around the world? After all, the average event requires some 250 metric tons of equipment, some of it irreplaceable.

    Professional flight cases are the answer. These cases — hard and protective on the outside, cushioned with polyurethane foam on the inside — transport concert necessities ranging from grand pianos to lights and sound equipment to elaborate performance sets.

    On the outside, flight...

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    American Institute of Architecture’s 2018 Conference

    This year’s AIA Conference on Architecture’s theme is “A Blueprint for Better Cities.” With resilience and environmental impact remaining key issues in the creation of our living and working spaces, polyurethane continues to be an important part of the solution for architects.

    The polyurethane industry — and the manufacturers who use polyurethane in their products — have long been sensitive to the various needs of architects and consumers when it comes to material selection. Polyurethane’s attributes of durability, insulation, performance and lightweight properties have made it a natural choice as architects seek to design energy-efficient buildings that can better withstand...

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    How Polyurethane Wheels Revolutionized Skateboarding

    Skateboarding is a fun form of transportation, a good source of exercise, a highly competitive sport and the genesis of an entire cultural movement. And the amazing stunts and high speeds of today’s best skateboarders were made possible with polyurethane.

    Prior to the 1970s, skateboards relied on steel wheels, which provided a rough ride, or clay composite wheels, which wore out quickly. Enter Frank Nasworthy, an avid surfer and skateboarder who had visited the factory of a family friend and learned about a polyurethane wheel that was softer, but more durable than steel.

    To make polyurethane skateboard wheels, polyurethane is...

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    Ten Fascinating Facts About Wind Energy

  • Humans have used wind power for more than 3,500 years.
  • Modern wind turbines have three blades to better balance the torque created by each blade with the wake left by the blades’ motion.
  • Polyurethane is now being used to manufacture wind turbine blades.
  • Wind turbines are white to help them be visible from aircraft above as well as to reflect heat from the sun.
  • Offshore wind turbines can generate up to 8 megawatts of energy apiece.
  • Polyurethane improves the design, durability, and performance of wind turbine blades.
  • The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that 20 percent of the electricity in...

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  • Get Ready to Celebrate Dad

    All dads are different. And this Father’s Day, no matter what kind of dad you have, polyurethane will likely be part of your celebration. Check out all the ways polyurethanes factor into popular dad gifts and activities!

    Driving Dads

    Dads and cars are a natural combination. Polyurethane adds a lot to the comfort and style of his favorite vehicle. From seat cushions to shiny coatings, polyurethane components help make cars more comfortable, quiet and durable. Plus, polyurethane is light weight, which helps Dad save gas or drive longer on a charge (for all those hybrid- and electric-car-loving dads out...

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