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Polyurethane Helps Auto Industry Meet Lightweighting Goals

The Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards, set by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), established a goal that model year 2025 vehicles will attain an average of around 50 miles per gallon (mpg). This is an approximate 40% increase in fuel efficiency over current levels. Auto manufacturers are keenly focused on creating lighter vehicles to meet this standard. In response to this need for lighter yet durable parts, the polyurethane industry is responding with new ways to incorporate polyurethane into different vehicle components.

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Moving Us Forward

We truly are living in the technological age. From the ways we communicate with one another, to how we do our jobs, all the way to how we entertain ourselves, technology has profoundly changed our lives.

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Making a House a Home

Each night millions of people sleep on soft, flexible foam pillows made from polyurethane. Millions more drive vehicles equipped with polyurethane cushioned seats and polyurethane enhanced interior components


Made With Pride In America

The contributions polyurethane has made to our quality of life are easy to spot all around us. Less visible, but just as noteworthy, are the many contributions polyurethane has made to the global economy.



It seals. It insulates. It protects. It performs. And most of all, it holds up under extreme temperatures. No wonder appliance manufacturers specify polyurethane for so many parts and components.

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Luxury car interior


For starters, it wouldn’t be as comfortable. Polyurethane foam in the seats and throughout the interior result in a quiet, climate controlled environment your grandfather’s car couldn’t come close to.

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Modern Office Building


Wood, stone, steel and concrete. These are often the materials that come to mind when we think of building design. But you might be surprised to learn that the various forms of polyurethane are just as much a part of our modern structures.

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Cozy Loft Apartment Interior Scene


When you hit the couch after a tough day, you’re probably landing on polyurethane. Used in the form of flexible foam and bonding adhesives, polyurethane is one of the most common materials in upholstered furniture, bedding and carpet underlay.

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innovation bonds

Our homes are warm and comfortable. Our cars are quiet, comfortable and increasingly fuel-efficient. And your newest ultra-light running shoes? Thanks to polyurethane they’re as durable and lightweight as they are fashionable.

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