look what we did!Innovations From Polyurethane Manufacturers

P is for Polyurethane-Improved Pipes

The durability of polyurethane helps protect oil and mining pipes from harsh environmental conditions. The improved strength and better mechanical resistance, due to the use of polyurethane-based inner casting for pipes, provide tough resistance against intense abrasion and extreme weather.

Chemical company UBE has found a way to further enhance polyurethane’s durability by harnessing the power of polyurethane produced from polycarbonate diols (PCD), such as the Eternacoll Polycarbonate Polyol. The polyurethane produced from PCD exhibits better strength, abrasion resistance, high thermal stability, and thus, more durability!

Tough polyurethane helps strengthen our oil and mining pipes in the...

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Happy “Buy a Book” Day!

“Buy a Book Day” began in 2012 to celebrate the importance of books in today’s culture. Did you know that polyurethane plays an important role in the creation of these timeless works of literature?

Polyurethane is responsible for keeping your books tightly bound. Modern book binding uses a polyurethane adhesive, which gives your books the flexibility and durability to travel with you to school, work, the park, and anywhere you enjoy flipping through some pages.

One method of book binding utilizes hot-melt polyurethane adhesives. Hot-melt adhesives have a lower melting point. This allows the adhesive to set quickly when...

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Celebrate Labor Day Weekend with Polyurethane!

Labor Day weekend is just around the corner. Kick back and relax while polyurethane works to keep you comfortable and at ease!

Ready for your Labor Day cookout? Polyurethane works with all of your essential cookout needs— polyurethane is on the job for you.

Rigid polyurethane foam, which is used to insulate your fridge, keeps drinks cold and ready to drink.

So, enjoy an ice-cold drink this Labor Day weekend courtesy of polyurethane.

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Polyurethane Rides in Style

Clear the streets – a new generation of vehicles will take over the road! This year, motor company Yamaha introduced its newest model of transportation: The 05GEN. What makes this “wearable mobility” function? Polyurethane.

The 05GEN is specially designed for comfort and convenience. Its three-wheeled design uses Elastollan, a thermoplastic polyurethane, as well as Infinergy, the world’s first expanded thermoplastic polyurethane. Elastollan enables Yamaha to use a variety of texture and colors on the 05GEN exterior, while Infinergy gives the tires more control for a smoother ride.

With polyurethane innovation in tow, the future of traveling has arrived.

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Happy Aviation Day!

Leading polymer company Covestro partnered with Swiss aviation pioneers Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg to create a revolutionary aircraft that would complete the first solar-powered, around-the-world flight. The plane, Solar Impulse, has become a technology driver for countless, everyday products through the use of innovative, efficient polyurethane products.

The plane’s solar cells generated electricity which was stored in heavy batteries, and to compensate for the added weight, the Solar Impulse needed lightweight and sustainable materials.  Polyurethane was the solution for such a lightweight demand. Polyurethane foam can be found in the Solar Impulse’s cockpit door and insulation.

Covestro CEO...

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Take an Out-of-this-World Flight with Polyurethane

Ready, set, launch! Polyurethane is gearing up for lunar exploration. General Plastics and Orbital ATK (a space, defense, and aviation system company) have partnered with NASA to support NASA’s Space Launch System (SLS).

The SLS is a 322-foot motor with polyurethane nozzle closures for its two booster rockets. The nozzles will be closed before use, and thanks to the incredible durability of polyurethane, better  sealed. Polyurethane foam protects the nozzles from moisture, foreign objects, and acts as a flame retardant.

The SLS will be the most powerful rocket ever flown with help from polyurethane’s strength and durability! Watch...

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There’s a New Star in Town—SealStar

A new all-purpose sealing system for polyurethane back-foaming is introduced to the world! SealStar —designed by KraussMaffei’s Reaction Process Machinery— helps provide a more secure seal in the molding process of incredible polyurethane. The SealStar makes the sealing process of polyurethane back-foaming molds more secure and efficient than ever before.

It is important for polyurethane back-foaming molds to be sealed tightly. Typically special inflatable standard sealing hoses made from silicone rubber or latex and available with or without a sealing cord, are inserted into the polyurethane back-foaming mold. This process helps ensure polyurethane does not leave the space...

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Buckle Up the Kids, and Polyurethane, for a Trip to the Beach

A family vacation to the beach is incomplete without polyurethane. Here’s how polyurethane can improve your trip to the beach this summer:

  • Sandless Beach Mat
  • You put down a beach towel or mat to avoid getting sandy. Thanks to specially woven polyurethane, a sandless beach mat will save you from being covered in sand. If any sand falls on the mat, it simply filters through. That’s pretty incredible!

  • Skim boards
  • Originally made from plywood, skim boards are now lightweight and more durable because of polyurethane foam cores. Weighing in at around 3 lbs. —compared to 20 lbs....

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    But What’s a Prepreg?

    Have you, or perhaps your kids, ever “accidentally” made a hole in the wall? Maybe someone threw a football in the house or a corner of some furniture knocked a dent into the wall during a move. To spot-treat this problem, you probably went to your local hardware store and picked up a home repair kit that included a mesh reinforcing fabric. Little-known fact: this reinforcing fabric is called a prepreg.

    Prepegs have become popular over the last few years because of their advantageous handling properties. However, there have been some downsides to prepreg technology when it comes to using...

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    Polyurethane Embarks on the High Seas

    High-tech sailing takes on new waters! Evonik, a specialty chemical company, has joined forces with German-Danish sailing duo Team Gaebler to build the first SpeedFoiler catamaran. This state-of-the-art catamaran will almost fly over the water thanks to a revolutionary design and lightweight materials.   Their partnership with Evonik resulted in an exceptional catamaran, the SpeedFoiler, which is ultra-lightweight with the help of polyurethane materials.

    Polyurethane properties are so flexible and versatile, they allow for quicker production times in the stages of applying binders and laminates. So not only are the boats speedy to drive – they’re...

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