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Polyurethane Helps Data Centers Keep It Cool

As computer processing becomes progressively faster — able to handle larger amounts of data — and our world becomes even more connected, we find ourselves increasingly reliant on the complex and highly expensive computer hardware, housed in server rooms, that keeps it all running.  

Providing Ideal Conditions

A dry setting and cool temperature generally provide an ideal operating environment for this equipment. To maintain these optimal conditions, polyurethane often plays an important role. 

Temperature Control

You likely already know that PU is an effective and highly scalable insulator. In the form of open-cell, flexible foam, it can be used to seal openings, effectively keep out moisture and create a barrier to unwanted drafts.

Keeping Air Particle Free

Just as crucial to maintaining optimal temperature in these rooms is maintaining in an environment free of dirt and debris. Open-cell polyurethane foam is an effective means of insulation because it can help block pollutants and air particulates from entering the equipment.

Providing the Right Fit

Plus, open-cell polyurethane foam is highly customizable. Some insulation manufacturers create flexible foam in the form of fire-retarded perforated cubes or sheets, so it can be further adapted to fit around bulky pieces of server equipment or to allow for the miles of cable that often must snake its way through a server room.

Demand Grows with Processing Capabilities

The need for insulation solutions is only growing as the pace of the technology heats up — literally. As processors become faster and more are needed to keep the growing number of devices connected, servers — and the rooms that house them — are generating more heat. 

Keeping these systems cool is paramount and results in higher demand for the cooling and adequate ventilation that polyurethane can provide.