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Lighting the Way

Polyurethane provides lighter option for power transmission

Power transmission towers are a part of our landscape and a critical part of our country’s infrastructure. As new towers need to be constructed or old ones replaced, engineers are looking for ways to do so effectively. From production to installation to the long-term maintenance, these structures must be both cost effective and durable.

Dow’s VORAFORCETM polyurethane manufacturing system enables efficient production of strong, tough and durable composites for these transmission structures. With the filament winding fabrication technique afforded by this system, composites can be more easily used to construct this...

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Category: Innovation Bonds

innovation bonds

Our homes are warm and comfortable. Our cars are quiet, comfortable and increasingly fuel-efficient. And your newest ultra-light running shoes? Thanks to polyurethane they’re as durable and lightweight as they are fashionable.

Category: Innovation Bonds