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Polyurethane Can Help You Achieve a Picture-Perfect Smile

On a quest to achieve the smile of their dreams, more people are using teeth aligners made from polyurethane.

So Many Aligner Options

From dental devices that you order online to the variety of options at your dentist’s office, more and more of these new methods for aligning one’s teeth are being made available on the market.  

With so many options for straightening their pearly whites, many consumers are turning to devices that use polyurethane as the key material in their design. That is because polyurethane provides strength, toughness and durability, while also providing comfort for the wearer.

Why a Polyurethane Aligner Makes Sense

Because of its broad range of properties, polyurethane can be used in both hard and soft parts of an aligner. It can be made strong enough to apply tension to the teeth to pull them into alignment. It can also be made soft enough to be worn comfortably over extended periods. Plus, polyurethane is durable. In the form of an aligner, it can withstand the rigors that come with regular grinding and biting and constant removing and replacing.

Polyurethane retainers are also made of clear material. This provides a level of discretion for the wearer that old metal braces could never offer.

How a Polyurethane Aligner Works

Every few weeks, the wearer changes the current aligner for a new one that is subtly more aligned than the last. A succession of these aligners worn over time encourages the teeth to move gradually into a straighter position.

Depending on the level of correction needed, the whole process for aligning one’s teeth can take several months to a few years to achieve.

But, most wearers seem to agree that a picture-perfect smile is well worth any short-term inconvenience.