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Ten Fascinating Facts About Wind Energy

  • Humans have used wind power for more than 3,500 years.
  • Modern wind turbines have three blades to better balance the torque created by each blade with the wake left by the blades’ motion.
  • Polyurethane is now being used to manufacture wind turbine blades.
  • Wind turbines are white to help them be visible from aircraft above as well as to reflect heat from the sun.
  • Offshore wind turbines can generate up to 8 megawatts of energy apiece.
  • Polyurethane improves the design, durability, and performance of wind turbine blades.
  • The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that 20 percent of the electricity in...

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  • Photo credit: Covestro
    Photo credit: Covestro

    Covestro Makes Greenhouse Gas a Raw Material for Polyurethane

    Polyols are a key component in the creation of the high-grade polyurethane foams that are used in everything from mattresses to running shoes. And fossil fuels are required to make polyols. But polyurethane manufacturer Covestro has uncovered a way to replace one-fifth of this raw material with carbon dioxide (CO2) — a waste gas that has been linked to global warming. By both reducing the dependence on fossil fuels and recycling this waste gas, Covestro is helping to create a more sustainable manufacturing process.

    Covestro converts CO2 using a special catalyst that reacts with propylene oxide without the need for...

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    Closing the Loop: Polyurethane Recycling for A Sustainable Future

    Polyurethanes contribute to sustainable outcomes in many ways. One of the most important ways in which we can protect our natural resources is by reducing waste through reuse and recycling. Many manufacturers today are working toward a closed-loop supply chain, in which new products are made entirely from recycled materials. As a highly recyclable substance, polyurethane is playing a major role in this effort.

    Polyurethane is recycled in one of two ways: either mechanically, in which it’s reused in its polymer form, or chemically, in which it’s broken back down into its chemical components. Some common uses for recycled polyurethane...

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    Happy Sustainable New Year!

    If your New Year’s resolutions include reducing your carbon footprint, polyurethane can help.

    Waste Less Food

    At the store, polyurethane packaging keeps food fresher, longer. At home, your polyurethane-lined refrigerator extends food life even more. Buying an energy-efficient refrigerator helps you reduce your impact on the environment even more.

    Use Less Energy

    From lighter-weight vehicles that reduce our reliance on fossil fuels to the insulation in your walls that can help cut heating and cooling needs, polyurethane can help you save energy.

    Conserve Natural Resources

    Using composite materials can contribute to energy efficiency and help conserve timber, stone, and...

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    Polyurethane Goes Camping

    Camping is a great way to get acquainted with the great outdoors and spend quality time with loved ones. Having the right camp gear can help ensure your experience goes smoothly.

    Camping tents coated with polyurethane are devised to be strong and water- and abrasion-resistant all while being lightweight. These incredible qualities can be very attractive to camping aficionados who are looking for a material that will withstand many of nature’s elements.

    Having a comfortable sleeping bag or sleeping pad for the hard ground is also essential to your trip. Polyurethane foam is found in many sleeping bags and pads...

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    Polyurethane Helps Clean our Waters

    Scientists at Argonne National Laboratory have invented a sponge adapted from common polyurethane foam that reportedly absorbs up to 90 times its weight in oil! This invention promises to help make offshore oil clean ups a lot faster and easier.

    The Oleo Sponge may be a game changer in the absorbent technology industry. They say it can be rung out and reused, and can also absorb oil regardless of whether it is on or below the water surface. Scientists even believe that the oil collected from the sponge can be used again. The Olio Sponge inventors anticipate the innovation...

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    Happy Earth Day

    First organized in 1970, Earth Day is a day to remember and appreciate the Earth’s environment, and our roles within it. Did you know the use of polyurethane contributes in ways that help us preserve certain natural resources?

    Today, rigid foams used for thermal insulation are significantly enhancing the energy efficiency of residential and commercial buildings. Because these polyurethane applications dramatically reduce buildings’ energy needs, we end up conserving natural resources that would otherwise be required for heating and cooling.

    In addition, polyurethanes also help make structures more durable, minimizing the need for additional maintenance or building upgrades. Certain...

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    Polyurethane Goes Gardening!

    Break out your gloves for National Gardening Month!

    Of all the tools you need for gardening, your gloves have to be one of the most important. Apart from keeping your hands clean, gardening gloves also help keep your hands dry and better protected from harsh and scratchy substances. Polyurethane gloves are also durable enough to help you pull out those stubborn weeds for many seasons!

    Polyurethane garden hoses are another essential gardening tool due to their flexible material. After being stretched to capacity, polyurethane hoses typically spring back into shape. How great is that?  Polyurethane helps reduce hoses’ weight, taking away a...

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    5 Incredible Facts about Polyurethane

    Today is National Trivia Day! Here are 5 fun facts about polyurethane.

    • You’re probably sitting or standing on polyurethane right now. In our houses, the workplace and even our cars, polyurethane foam supports, protects and cushions us.
    • Polyurethanes are frequently used in the electrical and electronics industries to seal and insulate fragile components. It also protects the exterior of our electronic devices as it is frequently used as a stylish, but durable material for tablet covers and cases.
    • Polyurethane coatings play an essential role in maintaining your vehicle’s glossy appearance by helping protect it from harsh weather conditions. Who doesn’t love...

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    Discovery Uses Polyurethane to Recycle Coal Waste

    Researchers at North Carolina A&T State University made an incredible breakthrough that could reduce one of the largest types of waste generated in America: coal ash, which is the collective residue that remains after burning coal to create energy.

    To address this waste management issue, the scientists discovered a way to encapsulate coal ash in polyurethane, which can then be recycled and used in other applications!  By combining the waste with polyurethane, the resulting product can then be made into building materials such as interior molding or stored as large, above-ground blocks for future use. In this recycled...

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