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Polyurethane Takes the Fashion World by Storm

From the New York runways to glossy magazine covers, polyurethane-based faux leather and suede are all over the fashion world. They can be found in almost everything from accessories and handbags to clothing items like shoes, jackets and pants.

Material Innovation

As polyurethane-based alternatives to products like suede and leather become ever more innovative, the fashion industry has taken notice. 

More than a Vegan Alternative

Designers are not only offering these products to consumers as a vegan alternative. Many fashionistas are finding that incorporating polyurethane into the designs provides a superior product for the consumer. These items, made from polyurethane faux leather and suede, are often more breathable, lightweight and water-resistant than those made from traditional leather or suede. 

Taking a Cue from Automotive Design

In addition to the fashion world, the luxury automotive industry has been quick to embrace the use of polyurethane in car interiors as well, finding the materials to be well suited to handle high volume usage; the material resists spills and temperature variations, while still maintaining its shape and luxurious feel.

Not Just A Niche Market

One luxury handbag line owner who got her start designing automotive interiors bucks the term “vegan leather” when discussing her handbags. She insists the polyurethane material she uses is far superior and completely different from traditional leather.With her line of bags, she hopes to target the fashion industry as a whole, not just corner the market on animal-free products.