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Polyurethane Footwear, A Great Fit in the Garden

April showers bring May flowers, but those blooms don’t just happen by themselves. Polyurethane footwear can lend a helping hand. Spring is the time of year when green thumb enthusiasts begin to spend more out in the garden, and since spring is a time for renewal your gardening outfit should be no exception – especially when it comes to footwear. If you are considering a new pair of gardening shoes or boots, opt for a pair made from polyurethane. Here are just some of the reasons you should choose polyurethane for traipsing around in the muck:

Keeping you light on your feet

Polyurethane shoes and gardening boots are often light and flexible. This makes it easier to move about your garden. In addition, the lightness of polyurethane may help allievate foot fatigue from standing and working for several hours.

Standing up to the elements

Polyurethane work boots are trusted on industrial job sites where the wearer may encounter chemicals, oils, fats and even abrasions. In some instances, polyurethane is up to 4x more durable than other footwear options available. While you may not meet such harsh conditions in your backyard, you still need footwear that can stand up to all the rocks, branches and wet conditions you may encounter. 

Getting down in the muck

Polyurethane boots have smooth lines and lack a porous surface. This makes them much easier to clean after a day spent in the mud. Just a single pass under the garden hose may be enough to clean your footwear afte even the dirtiest gardening session.

No matter the weather, polyurethane is better

Keep your feet cooler in the summer months and warmer in the winter months with polyurethane. Some polyurethane footwear will help insulate your feet against harsh weather. No one likes feeling uncomfortable in his or her own shoes. Keep your feet feeling comfortable , so you can get to the task at hand in your garden.

Polyurethane Footwear, A Great Fit in the Garden

This spring when you’re ready to spring for a new pair of gardening shoes take the plunge with polyurethane. But before you do, make sure to take some time to familiarize yourself with all the options. From pink knee-high boots to forest green clogs, you are sure to find a preponderance of polyurethane gardening footwear in all manner of styles and colors.