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Polyurethane Helps Keep You Warm

‘Tis the season to snuggle with a blanket and sit by the fire. This winter season polyurethane is helping keep you warm in several different ways.

Used in flexible foam and bonding adhesives, polyurethane is one of the most common materials in upholstered furniture, bedding and carpet flooring. Polyurethane helps make your couch comfortable and cushions your feet when you walk on a carpeted floor.

Not only is polyurethane in products inside your home, but it’s also an important component of your home. Polyurethane foam insulation helps keep the indoor environment of your home warm and temperate.

Polyurethane is...

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Thermoplastic Polyurethane Snow Boots

No one likes wet feet, especially when it’s freezing outside! As the winter season approaches, consider getting some thermoplastic polyurethane snow boots to help keep you warm and dry!

Thermoplastic elastomers, which are similar to rubber materials, are chosen by today’s apparel designers for garments, footwear and accessories because they are temperature resistant and pliable.

Not only that, but polyurethane’s revolutionary water-resistant properties and breathable technology give your winter boots the quality and longevity necessary for the long harsh winter. You’ll be able to wear them for many seasons to come!

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Polyurethane Adhesives for Wearable Tech

We’re always looking for easy ways to live a more active, healthier lifestyle. To help consumers in this endeavor, companies in the growing wearable tech industry created tiny electronic devices that can be worn like patches on the skin. These electronic devices enable us to easily track our fitness routines and help us meet our daily health goals.

As technology continues to improve for these small devices, we can also expect them to play a role in monitoring medical conditions and even discreetly delivering medications! For this innovation to progress, these wearables must feel comfortable on the skin for long...

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Polyurethane Shimmers, Shines, and Stands Out from the Crowd

Why wear just any dress when you can wear one that illuminates? Covestro’s latest invention will shimmer and sparkle at the K2016 Plastics Trade Fair – quite literally. A new, flexible and formable thermoplastic polyurethane is bringing together innovation and fashion to create cutting-edge, smart clothing.

Typically, LED-emitting electronic systems were positioned on panels or strips instead of directly on fabrics. However, Covestro discovered a way for copper to be laminated onto polyurethane films which – because of the incredible properties of polyurethane, could then be laminated directly onto fabrics! This technology offers greater design flexibility and...

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Back to School – Make Smart Decisions with Polyurethane

This August is jam packed! It’s almost that time for kids to head back to school. Whether they’re heading to pre-school or college, polyurethane is on the supply list.

One of the most in-demand back-to-school items are a new pair of sneakers. Polyurethane is the key material in providing comfort and durability in shoes.

Need a cool backpack? Backpack designs are always changing. While polyurethane will provide durability to help your backpack last for years, getting a new backpack is always exciting.

College bound? Bring the comfort of home to the dorm room with a mattress pad. Polyurethane...

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The Spandex Factor

Once scientists realized polyurethane could be spun into fine threads, it wasn’t long before continued innovations led to the creation of spandex fibers. According to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, spandex is a long chain synthetic polymer comprised of at least 85% of segmented polyurethane.

Polyurethane fibers are often characterized by their durability and flexibility. With exceptional stretch and recovery properties, polyurethane fibers can be found in a variety of textile applications ranging from apparel to healthcare.

Whether you’re suiting up for a run— or bandaging a scraped knee from that run —polyurethane will continue to be there for...

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School’s OUT! How Polyurethane Can Help Teachers Celebrate

The school year has officially ended. Students are free from school rules, homework and teachers. Teachers are also free from students and all the fun, but stressful antics that come with their jobs. We’re guessing most teachers take advantage of this time to relax and de-stress, spend more time at the gym or go on vacation! Polyurethane can make it all possible.

When there are no class periods, story time or any schedule at all – there’s nothing stopping you from an afternoon nap! In the heat of summer your sofa beckons so go ahead and sink into that

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MAGIC Trade Show

The annual MAGIC Fashion Trade Show begins next week!

Twice each year, brands from all walks of life gather in Las Vegas at the MAGIC Trade Show for an opportunity to get a first look at next season’s trendiest items. There’s no doubt that if you’re in the apparel industry – MAGIC is the place to be.

Let’s not forget about polyurethane – which, as usual, is an important part of this trade show!  

Polyurethane has made its mark on the fashion industry and can be found in many of the items we pull out of our closet every day. The...

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Mardi Gras

Kings cake, beads and beignets: just a few of the items that remind us of Mardi Gras. Wherever in the world you may be celebrating Fat Tuesday, you will also likely be celebrating with polyurethane!

Polyurethane can be found in a lot of the materials that supply your best parties! Incredible durability makes it the perfect finishing coat for crafty purple masks, shiny golden beads and many other fun plastic decorations.

You may be wearing a feathered mask, but you can’t hide from incredible polyurethane!

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A vector grass textured American football field. EPS 10. File contains transparencies.

The Big Game

On Sunday, February 7th, we will all crowd around the television with our loved ones to cheer on our favorite teams in the biggest football game of the year.

Polyurethane gets in on the game action as well – by creating soles that are long lasting and practical, it is a big component of most football cleats.

Polyurethane is also found inside helmets, adding a layer of protection for the hard hits – proven to reduce the pain from a hit by up to 33%.

And let’s not forget the reason most of us attend the party to...

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