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Polyurethanes: A Clear Leader in Windshield Adhesive Technology

As you travel in a car, bus, or train you might not give much thought to the windows and windshields around you. But these components do much more than just offer a clear view of the scenery and protection from the elements. Windows and windshields have become part of every vehicle’s passive safety system and polyurethane adhesives enable them to do their job best.


A History of Advancement

The first car windshields were simply two sheets of windowpane glass. These were extremely dangerous in an accident, shattering into sharp pieces. Shatter-resistant glass was in common use by the 1930s,...

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How Polyurethane is Evolving Conventional and Electric Vehicles

Have you ever thought about what makes the seats, armrests, or headrests in your car so comfortable? What is keeping your engine cool and insulated? Or what is serving as a sound barrier to help reduce unwanted road noise inside your vehicle? The answer is polyurethane. Today, many conventional and electric vehicles are using polyurethane to enhance driver experience and vehicle performance. The automotive industry is using these versatile materials to produce cars that are lighter in weight, are quieter, and feature improved safety measures.

Using Sustainable Foam in the Interior

Today’s vehicles contain...

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Polyurethane Foam Insulated Tires Contribute to a Quieter Ride

If you think about it, your car tire acts as a drum for road noises. The rubber absorbs a bump in the road, the same way the head of a drum absorbs a tap from a drumstick. The hollowness of the tire acts just like the cavity of a drum — allowing the noise to amplify and reverberate.

Polyurethane Foam Noise Canceling Insulation

Tire manufacturers have long been working to reduce road noise. One area where they’ve been successful is with the inclusion of noise-reducing polyurethane foam inside a tire liner on the opposite side of the tire’s tread. The...

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Polyurethane hits the road in a concept camper

It may just be the perfect time for a concept camper that showcases dozens of innovative technologies — many of them made possible with polyurethane. After all, 2020 has been “The Year of the Road Trip.” While air travel and large hotel chains have suffered during the pandemic, recreational vehicles and camp sites have seen a resurgence in popularity. Interest in outdoor adventures has peaked at a time when families are desperate for time away from home but also cognizant of the need for social distancing. 

The VisionVenture concept camper includes improvements that feature a number of high-performance materials in everything...

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Polyurethane Helps Drive Production of Sustainable, Fuel Efficient Cars

Over the past few years, more and more car manufacturers are creating new vehicles and models with an eye toward sustainability and fuel efficiency. Many have turned to polyurethane in their quest.

Lightweighting in Cars

Frequent readers of this blog will know that polyurethane is a key component used in lightweighting vehicles — helping to increase their fuel efficiency. Polyurethane comes into play when it is used to make light weight components that are durable and can be used to replace heavier ones. As car companies begin producing more electric vehicles, lightweighting becomes even more important.

Making Lighter Electric Cars


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Looking for a Career Path with Promise? PU May Be Right for You!

If you’re one of the 80 percent of students who change their declared major or begin their college careers undeclared, listen up: a future in polyurethane may be right for you. The polyurethane industry is poised for growth over the next few decades and, as mentioned before in this blog, polyurethane is an essential contributor to the U.S. economy in ways that reverberate throughout the supply chain. 

There are several options for you to consider as you look to embark upon a viable and rewarding career:

Research & Development

Are you an idea person willing to work tirelessly to get...

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Sailors Take to the Seas with Polyurethane

Believe it or not, polyurethane plays a large role in helping American sailors stay safe when it comes to life out on the high seas.

For quick trips in small craft and regular shore patrols, the United States armed forces often use rigid-hulled inflatable boats (RHIBs). The boats are lightweight, high-performance watercraft capable of quick maneuvers and travel at high speeds.

As the name implies, the boats have a rigid hull but also use an inflatable tube, often referred to as a “collar,” along the lip of the hull. The collar acts like a life jacket of sorts, helping the...

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Polyurethane Helps Motorcyclists Hit the Open Road

Warmer weather means more opportunities for motorcyclists to head out on the highway. Consider this roundup of ways that polyurethane is making the ride safer and more comfortable for motorcycle enthusiasts.


In case of a spill, you want to put as many layers as possible between you and the road. This is the reason that many motorcyclists opt for leather jackets and pants, but enterprising manufacturers have taken it one step further. Today, a variety of pants, jackets and vests made specifically for riding contain rigid polyurethane inserts. Not only do these articles of clothing look like modern armor,...

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Lightweighting with PU to Increase Fuel Efficiency

You may have heard the term “lightweighting” when it comes to making vehicles that are more fuel efficient, but do you know what it means?

The term is championed by those in the automotive and aerospace industries. While at its core it refers to using lighter components in place of heavier ones in a vehicle, it can also mean using fewer components overall and making parts and components in such a way that is more fuel efficient or will reduce the industry’s carbon footprint from the production of cars and trucks.

For years, automotive manufacturers have been finding new and...

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The Lasting Legacy of Morgan Evans, Rhino Linings International founder

2019 marks the 10th anniversary of the passing of Morgan Evans, Rhino Linings International founder. As a South African inventor and entrepreneur, Evans was responsible for creating a polyurethane application that grew into a global sensation.

Unlike many entrepreneurial stories that end with a bump in the road, Evans’ tale actually began with one – quite literally.

Polyurethane and the Car Industry

Polyurethanes (PU) can play many roles in improving vehicles. Polyurethane foam can be used to make seats more comfortable, to dampen noise, and to make cars more lightweight, increasing fuel economy. PU coatings can also serve as a...

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