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Category: Apparel, Electronics

Polyurethane Adhesives for Wearable Tech

We’re always looking for easy ways to live a more active, healthier lifestyle. To help consumers in this endeavor, companies in the growing wearable tech industry created tiny electronic devices that can be worn like patches on the skin. These electronic devices enable us to easily track our fitness routines and help us meet our daily health goals.

As technology continues to improve for these small devices, we can also expect them to play a role in monitoring medical conditions and even discreetly delivering medications! For this innovation to progress, these wearables must feel comfortable on the skin for long periods of time. That sounds like a job for polyurethane!

Recently, Covestro utilized a thermoplastic polyurethane to create an improved electronic patch designed to be skin-friendly, solvent-free and water-repellent. The future of exercise tracking in wearable tech is here – and polyurethane is making it more comfortable for everyone!