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Winter Solstice

Do you snuggle up in a blanket next to a warm, crackling fire on cold winter nights?

More than the blanket may be keeping you warm inside your home.

Polyurethane can keep you and your family warm this winter and help reduce the energy usage in your home.

Check out some of the ways polyurethane helps keep you warm and cozy:

Spray polyurethane foam can play a major role in insulating and air-sealing homes and buildings – helping to reduce air leakage, which can result in lower utility bills,* and to improve indoor air quality by eliminating drafty air...

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Clean your Fridge Day

Sometimes throughout the busy week, it is inevitable that our refrigerators become a little crowded. Trying to find that jar of jelly turns into a strategic game of chess – moving items skillfully to the front back and side. Today is the day to toss that clutter goodbye! Happy “Clean your Fridge Day”!

Refrigerators and freezers are extremely important appliances. And polyurethane foam helps keep our food cool and fresh. The polyurethane foam is generally located between the outer shell and inner liner of refrigerators and freezers to insulate our food and create a durable bond between the outer...

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Cook Something Bold Day

Spice it up!

While you’re being bold and having fun in the kitchen, things can get a little messy.

Luckily, many kitchen cabinets and surfaces are coated with a polyurethane finish that helps them look bright, shiny and new – even after the boldest of cooking.

Polyurethane also helps keep leftovers fresh. Polyurethane foam is used to insulate many refrigerators – help to keep our spicy food cool and fresh.

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Smudge-free with Polyurethane

Great news for all you clean freaks! A team from Queen’s University may have developed a way to make surfaces smudge-free. No more grubby fingerprints on your cellphone! This is all possible with the help of polyurethane, of course!

By using a polyurethane based coating, the Queen’s University team may have found a way to keep the surfaces of electronics clean and clear. The innovation also has the ability to repel both water and oil soluble contaminants such as ink, artificial fingerprints, and paint. The requirements for coatings to be considered “anti-smudge” are actually very rigorous: it cannot adversely...

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Tracing the roots of today’s polyurethane technologies

Polyurethane has been used for nearly 75 years to make almost every element of our lives more safe and comfortable. Because of polyurethane’s varied benefits, the product’s rich history spreads across many industries – from furniture cushioning to spaceflight suits to each decade’s newest and lightest electronic devices to the energy-saving refrigerator insulation that keeps food and beverages cold. Since its beginnings, polyurethane and its applications have evolved to match advances in technology and manufacturing, as well as consumer demands. Today, polyurethanes are even found in many luxury items, including designer shoes, clothes, furniture and appliances.

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BASF technical manager Mike Krupa shared how polyurethanes are changing the world of refrigeration.
BASF technical manager Mike Krupa shared how polyurethanes are changing the world of refrigeration.

BASF innovates latest in environmentally friendly refrigeration using polyurethane foam systems

We recently talked with BASF technical manager Mike Krupa about his Polyurethane Innovation Award application for the 2014 Polyurethanes Technical Conference. Learn more about how Mike and his BASF colleagues are changing the world of refrigeration with polyurethane foam. (Hint- it’s better for the environment!)

Q. Can you explain BASF’s new Elastocool® rigid foam?

A. We developed an innovation forward refrigeration polyurethane foam system that is better for the environment. Our system has improved insulation to meet new strict energy standards. BASF is helping to develop insulation foams that are better for people and the environment—this can...

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Mike Robb (left) and Tom “Ozzy” Osborne, co-creaters of Beer Blizzard, shared how polyurethanes can keep your beer ice cold.
Mike Robb (left) and Tom “Ozzy” Osborne, co-creaters of Beer Blizzard, shared how polyurethanes can keep your beer ice cold.

How can polyurethanes keep your beer or soda cold?

Mike Robb, the co-creator of Beer BlizzardTM, knows the answer. Learn more about Mike’s beverage innovation and how he incorporated durable polyurethanes below:

Q. Can you explain Cold Can Innovations’ Beer BlizzardTM and how did the idea happen?

A. Tom Osbourne (co-creator of Beer BlizzardTM) and I were at a hunting camp in West Virginia. We were sitting around drinking beer and it was hot outside. I noticed that all beer cans all had the same size regardless of brand so I decided to try something out. I turned the beer cans upside down in the freezer and then poured water...

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Simple as V-D-I

As they learn their ABCs, there’s comfort in knowing that polyurethane and its VDI (versatile, durable, incredible) is there as an invisible helper.

As students of all ages head back to the classroom this Fall, they’ll have the help of polyurethane and its versatile, durable, incredible properties.

Polyurethane helps add comfort and durability to many other parts of a student’s day.

Polyurethane provides the stretch, flex and cushion for the clothing and shoes worn by students from elementary school all the way through graduate school.  Polyurethane plays a major role as students walk across campus, or take part in...

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Designing for Efficiency

Energy efficient appliances have helped the United States avoid emissions of 2.1 billion tons of carbon dioxide, which is equivalent to the annual greenhouse emissions from more than 400 million automobiles. Since 2009, the Obama Administration has issued 24 new or updated appliance standards across more than 30 products, which could save consumers a total of nearly $450 billion dollars off their utility bills between now and 2030.

Polyurethane has long played a role in insulating refrigerators (and other appliances) so that air does not escape, thus reducing the amount of stress on the machine to keep a constant temperature....

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It seals. It insulates. It protects. It performs. And most of all, it holds up under extreme temperatures. No wonder appliance manufacturers specify polyurethane for so many parts and components.

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