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3 Valentine Gifts Made Possible with Polyurethane

Happy Valentine’s Day! Have you thought about a gift for your special someone? We have some incredible suggestions!

  • New Bedding
  • Give your valentine the gift of sleeping on super comfortable material – plush polyurethane foam. It can form to almost any shape, so it’s great material for cushions, pillows and furniture. Plus, a mattress pad made out of durable polyurethane will keep its shape for years, so you won’t have to get another one next Valentine’s Day!

  • Athletic gear
  • Want to try out a yoga class or hike a tough trail together? Comfortable workout clothes and shoes could be...

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    Happy Homemade Soup Day!

    Other than being comforting and tasty, soup is great at keeping you warm through the winter season – especially when you’re trying to recover from a pesky cold or flu!

    Ever wonder how to keep your bowl of soup piping hot? Here’s a little secret: pay attention to the container. Due to exceptional thermal insulation properties, polyurethane is often used to insulate lunch bags and containers to help keep food at desired temperatures.

    Furthermore, the most common use of polyurethanes in major appliances is the rigid foam used in the thermal insulation systems of refrigerators and freezers. These appliances...

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    Polyurethane Gifts for Christmas

    Not sure what to get your Secret Santa this year? Here are some ideas – all made possible by polyurethane!

    Gadgets and appliances are always fan favorites when it comes to gift giving. From computers to kitchen appliances, polyurethane is helping turn innovative designs and ideas into the products we use every day.

    What about a new pair of pumps or the season’s coolest sneaker? Polyurethane adhesives help footwear go that extra mile by keeping parts of the shoe together.

    Still not sold? You can never go wrong with a gift for the home. Polyurethane is one of...

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    Happy National Pizza Month!

    In October, we celebrate everyone’s favorite food: pizza. Did you know that polyurethane is responsible for keeping your pizza hot as it’s delivered to your hungry family? Polyurethane’s exceptional thermal insulation properties make it a top-notch material for pizza delivery bags. These well-insulated pizza delivery bags keep your pizza warm almost as if it were pulled right out of the oven.

    Pizza is so delicious that some people even prefer cold, leftover pizza. Thanks to polyurethane, you can enjoy pizza hot or cold. Polyurethane also provides insulation support in our refrigerators and freezers that contain a rigid polyurethane foam,...

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    Celebrate Labor Day Weekend with Polyurethane!

    Labor Day weekend is just around the corner. Kick back and relax while polyurethane works to keep you comfortable and at ease!

    Ready for your Labor Day cookout? Polyurethane works with all of your essential cookout needs— polyurethane is on the job for you.

    Rigid polyurethane foam, which is used to insulate your fridge, keeps drinks cold and ready to drink.

    So, enjoy an ice-cold drink this Labor Day weekend courtesy of polyurethane.

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    Happy National Ice Cream Month!

    Is there anything better than cold, creamy ice cream on a hot summer day? Ronald Reagan didn’t think so and designated July as National Ice Cream Month! When you need to keep that ice cream chilled, polyurethane is there to help!

    A cold freezer is a sealed one. Polyurethane rigid foam in refrigerators and freezers keeps the cold in and the heat out. Its versatility allows it to mold tightly into any space and its extremely durable properties will help keep air from escaping throughout many hot summer days.

    So go ahead and keep cool this month with some...

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    Home Appliance Manufacturers “Digital Destinations Convention”

    This weekend, April 22 -23, Naples, Fla., will be the site of the Home Appliance Manufacturers’ Annual Member Meeting. Top innovators from the home appliance industry will come together to talk technology and the future of our favorite gadgets that get us through every day.

    The conference will be filled with informative presentations about the evolving retail model, and the future of connectivity, but polyurethane is sure to make a prominent appearance. For example, rigid foam and energy efficient polyurethane foam insulation products are found in one of our favorite places   – the fridge.


    Not everyone...

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    American Coatings Show

    Tomorrow in Indianapolis begins the American Coatings Show – the leading event for the paint and coatings industry in North America. The ACS brings together the top professionals behind your favorite painted rooms and the miraculously great condition of your kitchen counters.

    The show will be an exciting spectacle of the newest products, research and developments in every aspect of the industry. Constant advancement and innovation will be the primary focus. And when innovation is the game – polyurethane is sure to be a VIP player! 

    Polyurethane creates such a durable material; it can be perfect for many protective...

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    Pi Day

    Happy Pi Day! Sure, pi is one of the most foundational numbers in the mathematical universe…but, it’s also a delicious dessert. So, you can celebrate today with a fun trigonometry party – OR, you can bake your favorite pie.

    Be it apple, key lime or rhubarb, when you’re in the kitchen today, polyurethane is there to help you out! Many kitchen countertops survive countless pi[e] days with a durable coating of polyurethane; you’ll also find it in the foam that lines your refrigerator to help keep those leftovers nice and fresh for 3.15, 3.16 and 3.17 too!

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    Polyurethane Protects Your Holiday Plans

    It’s the most wonderful time of the year! And also, one of the busiest. Polyurethane helps you through the holidays more than you know.

    There are the feasts to arrange and polyurethane is there to help keep your food fresh and ready to prepare. The insulation in your refrigerator is probably made with polyurethane, keeping your food and ingredients fresh until the big debut on the table.   At last, the family dinners are wrapped nicely in the fridge and the presents are unwrapped under the tree. It’s time to rest! Once again, polyurethane saves the day; polyurethane foam likely...

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