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Simple as V-D-I

As they learn their ABCs, there’s comfort in knowing that polyurethane and its VDI (versatile, durable, incredible) is there as an invisible helper.

As students of all ages head back to the classroom this Fall, they’ll have the help of polyurethane and its versatile, durable, incredible properties.

Polyurethane helps add comfort and durability to many other parts of a student’s day.

Polyurethane provides the stretch, flex and cushion for the clothing and shoes worn by students from elementary school all the way through graduate school.  Polyurethane plays a major role as students walk across campus, or take part in athletics and playtime.

Polyurethane also insulates the classroom whether as rigid panels, spray foam, or seals around doors and windows.

The chair that students sit (and squirm) in for homework is made more comfortable with polyurethane foam. This is a small, but important, comfort while they battle to understand the Pythagorean theorem.

Finally at the end of the day, probably after much cajoling, the bed where they get much-needed sleep is still holding its shape thanks to polyurethane.

And for college students, the dorm fridge that keeps pizza and sodas cold utilizes polyurethane to insulate and run efficiently.