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Smudge-free with Polyurethane

Great news for all you clean freaks! A team from Queen’s University may have developed a way to make surfaces smudge-free. No more grubby fingerprints on your cellphone! This is all possible with the help of polyurethane, of course!

By using a polyurethane based coating, the Queen’s University team may have found a way to keep the surfaces of electronics clean and clear. The innovation also has the ability to repel both water and oil soluble contaminants such as ink, artificial fingerprints, and paint. The requirements for coatings to be considered “anti-smudge” are actually very rigorous: it cannot adversely affect the surface in which it is being applied; it needs to be nearly invisible and thin; it needs to repel any potential contaminant; and finally, it needs to be extremely durable.

Polyurethane can pass these requirements with flying colors. To read more about this new spotless development, click here.