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Head South for the Winter with Polyurethane

If chilly weather has you dreaming of the sunshine, there’s no better way to escape than to head south on the water. Today’s high-performance boats rely on polyurethane in a number of ways. First, polyurethane coatings and sealants help seal hulls and resist water, weather and other maritime damages. Maintaining a smooth and well-sealed exterior helps keep boats more hydrodynamic, allowing them to move through the water faster.

On board, polyurethane can make a boat as comfortable as home with flexible polyurethane foams used in components ranging from seat cushions and carpet padding to bedding materials. Best of all,...

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“Self-Healing” Films Keep Your Car Looking Like New

That first scratch or chip on your new car’s paint job can be heartbreaking. But with new paint protection films, much of that heartbreak might become a thing of the past.

The latest films are made of three layers: an adhesive that allows the film to stick to the car; a thick polyurethane that helps protect the paint from damage; and a clear coat that protects the polyurethane from discoloring. They can be applied aftermarket to most any vehicle.

When the clear coat and polyurethane levels are scratched, they can be made to re-form by heating them up with...

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Polyurethane Helps Make Minivans More Comfortable and Fuel Efficient

As today’s auto manufacturers strive to make vehicles more fuel-efficient and comfortable for drivers and passengers, they turn to polyurethane for help. In one recent example, a car company took advantage of two unique Dow Automotive products as it created its 2018 minivan model.

The first product, a structural adhesive, provides both stiffness and weight reduction to the minivan’s front end, which helps improve both ride comfort and vehicle performance. The second, polyurethane foam, is applied in vehicle cavities to reduce noise and vibrations, helping to deliver outstanding acoustic performance to the vehicle’s interior.

The advances led to Dow...

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Keeping Engine Noise Under the Hood

Dow Automotive Systems has announced a new polyurethane system for hoodliners that can be customized to meet performance requirements while balancing weight and manufacturing needs. In addition to offering sound absorption and damping qualities, it is fast-curing for increased productivity and flexible enough to deliver large, complex shapes.

“Our hoodliners enable customers to address global requirements for road traffic noise reduction,“ said Dr. Esther Quintanilla, EMEA Marketing Manager for Dow Automotive Systems. “What that means is this: our lightweight polyurethane foam allows for a quieter ride while helping to reduce vehicle weight.”

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Truck and highway at sunset - transportation background

DOW Chemical Helps Keep the “Cold Chain” Cold

Dow Chemical Co. introduced a new adhesive material called Monstergrip.  It can bond fiberglass panels to prepared spray foam insulation inside refrigerated trucks and trailers. Refrigerated trucks transport fresh and frozen food safely and efficiently as a key part of the “cold chain.”

Polyurethane keeps the cold in the cold food!

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Flying High with Polyurethane

Today we celebrate the scientific achievement of flight– it’s Aviation Day!

Even if you’re afraid to fly, you can surely recognize the enormous impact aviation has had on both industry and our personal lives. Partly thanks to polyurethane, airplanes and other aircraft have come a long way since the Wright Brothers!

When you’re on your next flight (hopefully to a tropical vacation), look around. You’re likely to be surrounded by polyurethane products. Flexible polyurethane foam is used in airline seats to help passengers stay comfortable on long flights. Many interior surfaces – cabin walls, ceilings, overhead compartments, lavatories –...

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BASF’s Thermoplastic Polyurethane Makes Low Impact, No Impact

The new PSA Peugeot Citroën C4 Cactus is a thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) that provides a buffer to the vehicle’s sensitive surface zones.

Large air-filled cushion bumpers, called Airbumps®, are fitted around the car to help absorb bumps. These Airbumps® include Elastollan®, a high-performance material created and optimized by BASF. Elastollan® combines the traditional properties of TPU but with enhanced durability and performance. This additional layer offers abrasion resistance, elasticity, and UV- and weather-resistant capabilities to the vehicle’s surface – all thanks to the incredible properties of polyurethane!

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Polyurethane For Dads

All dads are different, but there are some products made with polyurethane that any father could enjoy on his holiday.

The Father in the Fast Lane:

Does your dad enjoy driving on the open road and love everything about cars? Will he know that polyurethane is behind a lot of the comfort and cool factors of his car? Cushioned seats, protected coatings, and many car parts are made with polyurethane components that make vehicles look better and last longer. Plus, polyurethane is light-weight  which helps Dad’s car be more fuel efficient.  All dads love that.

The DIY Dad:


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Hit the road with Polyurethane

No summer is complete without a memorable road trip. Not only are road trips  easier on your budget, but they also don’t require so much advance planning. All you have to do is pack up the car, crank up the radio and you’re on your way.

Did you know polyurethane is part of every road trip? Without it, your ride would probably be a lot less comfortable. Polyurethane foam in the seats and throughout the car interior contributes to  a quiet, climate-controlled environment.

Polyurethane can also be found on the exterior of your car. Polyurethane coatings help in maintaining...

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Henkel, Benteler Making Composite Leaf Springs for Volvo

Henkel AG and automotive composite’s firm Benteler SGL are supplying polyurethane composite leaf springs to the automotive industry.

Polyurethane’s incredibly lightweight which makes it a great material for this technological advancement. The polyurethane matrix system is said to be 4.5 kilograms lighter than the steel coil springs that were previously used in the cars. Additionally, the firm says the new leaf spring provides a smoother ride with decreased noise and vibrations.

Yet another example of incredible polyurethane helping to improve technologies that enhance people’s lives!

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