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Category: Furniture, Home Builders

High Point Market

Interior design is a fun, creative endeavor that turns a house into a home. High Point Market, starting tomorrow in High Point. N.C., is the annual conference where all of the top names in home and furniture design come together to show off their latest creations.

High Point Market is not only a beautiful display of artistic design, but also a chance for the industry to learn about the technology and engineering of the products that end up in our homes and daily lives. For example, your living room couch not only sets the style of the room, but also provides comfort for family movie night and the occasional afternoon nap. The flexible polyurethane foam in the cushions and pillows makes them so comfortable, and its tough durability makes your furniture last longer than family movie nights do.

Among the many fashion-forward exhibits of High Point Market, comfortable polyurethane foam will surely make some high-class appearances.