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Polyurethane Chemistry Paves the Way for Infrastructure Repair

This isn’t exactly big news – but America as a nation can’t claim to be the “New World” it once was. We are aging, and our infrastructure shows it. According to this infographic by Dow Chemical, America received a D+ rating on the overall condition of structures like our bridges, roads, buildings and pipes. And raising the grade looks like an expensive endeavor. Yikes!

While many people are familiar with long lasting, water-saving plastic pipes, there are other plastics that can improve our infrastructure:  polyurethane!”

The versatility and flexibility of polyurethane allows its different forms to be applied across many problem areas – resulting in stronger concrete adhesives create longer-lasting roads and bridges; elastomeric coatings protect concrete and steel pipes against chemical erosion and high temperatures; and liquid-applied polyurethane solutions can help create waterproof and anti-slip surfacing.