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Covestro Spray Polyurethane Foam Insulation Critical Part of NextGen Net Zero/Healthy Home

The past ten years have brought a huge change in the way we look at our carbon footprint – from transportation to manufacturing to our own homes.

Well, the goal of the NextGen Net-Zero/Healthy Home 2016’s is to create a house significantly smaller than your average home that has a net zero energy usage

The house was premiered at the International Builders’ Show last month, and used multiple products to showcase the ideal energy efficient home. Guess what was a star? You guessed it – polyurethane!   

Sponsored by Covestro LLC, the house is insulated with an energy-efficient polyurethane foam, which reduces heat transfer, infrared radiation, and more! 

 Kudos to polyurethane and Covestro LLC for setting an example we all can be inspired by.