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A Future for Polyurethane Prosthetic Hands?

Polyurethane may hold the key to a gripping future for prosthetic hands. Researchers at Missouri University of Science and Technology have been hard at work developing polyurethane aerogels – called shape memory polymers or SMPs. When bent, folded or twisted, the aerogels return to their original shape. They are even capable of bending on their own when a stimulus like heat is applied.

A Prosthetic Prototype

To demonstrate the possible application of the aerogel technology, researchers built a model of a prosthetic hand from the SMPs that was capable of mimicking coordinated muscle function. When heat was applied, the fingers...

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Polyurethane Makes Wearable Technology a Reality

Imagine a world in which you could control the television simply by tapping on your shirtsleeve. While it may seem like the stuff of science fiction, thanks to polyurethane, the seamless integration of wearable technology into our daily lives is a greater possibility than ever before.

What the industry has taken to calling “e-textiles” are nothing new; however, significant barriers to scaling the technology for broad consumption have remained in place. Until now, e-textiles have been too expensive, too cumbersome and too difficult to maintain, but all of that could soon be changing.

A group of researchers in Beijing are...

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Polyurethane Helps Improve Neurovascular Surgery

A medical device innovation, made from polyurethane, has received FDA approval — giving hope for better healing for those recovering from brain surgery. The device — called an embolization plug — is used to reduce or obstruct the flow of blood within an artery or vein, helping to form a clot and stabilize the blood vessel.

The embolization plug is made with shape-memory polymer technology, which uses low-density polyurethane. The plug can be customized to a range of sizes and with various properties. It can be compressed into a catheter-deliverable shape that expands to its original shape once it reaches...

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Get Ready to Celebrate Dad

All dads are different. And this Father’s Day, no matter what kind of dad you have, polyurethane will likely be part of your celebration. Check out all the ways polyurethanes factor into popular dad gifts and activities!

Driving Dads

Dads and cars are a natural combination. Polyurethane adds a lot to the comfort and style of his favorite vehicle. From seat cushions to shiny coatings, polyurethane components help make cars more comfortable, quiet and durable. Plus, polyurethane is light weight, which helps Dad save gas or drive longer on a charge (for all those hybrid- and electric-car-loving dads out...

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Protect Your Hearing with Polyurethane

Exposure to noise can cause permanent hearing loss that cannot be remedied with surgery or hearing aids. Certain occupations are a greater risk of noise-induced hearing loss, but even recreational activities such as shooting, snowmobile riding or attending loud concerts can be enough to cause damage. Machinery such as lawnmowers and leaf blowers can also have an impact.

Repeated, near-range exposure to sounds over 85 decibels is capable of causing hearing loss. Extremely loud noises — such as explosions — can cause damage from a single exposure. While those working in heavy manufacturing, construction or aeronautical industries are supplied protective...

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New Innovations in Wearable Technology

Smart watches and activity trackers have already taken the world by storm. Tomorrow’s wearable technology will be smaller and smarter than ever. Recent innovations include wearable electronic UV detectors the size of a thumbnail and glasses compatible with commonly used voice assistant technology.

One of the technologies that make these innovations possible is the flexible circuit board.  Made from a variety of thermoplastic polyurethanes, flexible substrates are mere micrometers in thickness and add very little weight to products, which makes them ideal for wearable solutions.

Innovations like these can help us live longer, healthier lives as well as increase our...

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Polyurethane’s Valentine’s Day Gift List

If you’re still looking for a present for that special someone, allow polyurethane to provide a few options.

Electronics — Give your Valentine a gift that keeps him or her connected. From the latest smartphone or watch to personal fitness trackers, polyurethane compounds help protect high-tech devices from moisture, thermal shock and vibrations.

Active Wear — If your Valentine is the sporty type, go for a new long-sleeved top, hoodie or jacket made from polyurethane fibers. You’ll keep your honey warm and comfortable on cold workout days.

Pillows — What’s better than the gift of a good night’s sleep? Memory...

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Get Ready to See Polyurethane in Action at CES

It’s that time of year again! The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) will open next Tuesday in Las Vegas and the world will be amazed at the latest, must-have gadgets and technology. And many of those innovations depend on polyurethane.

For many electronic devices — such as gaming consoles, fitness tracking devices and virtual reality headsets — polyurethane provides protection for sensitive electronic components. Meanwhile, in 3-D printers, polyurethane can be the raw material for creating prototypes, components and more.

Over at the vehicle technology venue, polyurethane will be helping make self-driving and traditional vehicle bodies lighter so that they can...

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Put Polyurethane on the List This Year

Chances are someone in your family is dreaming of a new gadget or device for the holidays. Electronics have become ubiquitous in our lives, and technology continues to move forward at a blistering pace. But did you know many of this year’s hottest holiday gifts wouldn’t be possible without polyurethane?

From wearable fitness trackers to voice-activated personal assistants to virtual reality headsets, many of today’s electronic devices rely on non-foam polyurethanes called potting compounds or conformal coatings in order to perform their amazing tasks. These polyurethane substances help protect sensitive electronic components from a variety of potentially damaging stressors,...

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Close-Up on Polyurethane in Electronics

Most of us need our phones, tablets, and laptops close at hand. These and other electronic devices have become essential to making our lives easier and more connected. And these devices rely on non-foam polyurethanes called “potting compounds” or “conformal coatings.”

What do these amazing substances do that make them so important? For one thing, they help protect your devices against the shock of being dropped and even the daily wear and tear of vibrations. They also provide some level of moisture and corrosion resistance for delicate electronic components.

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