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Protect Your Hearing with Polyurethane

Exposure to noise can cause permanent hearing loss that cannot be remedied with surgery or hearing aids. Certain occupations are a greater risk of noise-induced hearing loss, but even recreational activities such as shooting, snowmobile riding or attending loud concerts can be enough to cause damage. Machinery such as lawnmowers and leaf blowers can also have an impact.

Repeated, near-range exposure to sounds over 85 decibels is capable of causing hearing loss. Extremely loud noises — such as explosions — can cause damage from a single exposure. While those working in heavy manufacturing, construction or aeronautical industries are supplied protective headphones as part of their equipment, the average person doesn’t often think to use hearing protection when doing yard work or enjoying entertainment. In addition, hearing damage can occur at any age, and children or teens are often unaware of the dangers of loud noise.

A simple set of polyurethane ear plugs can be the difference between keeping your hearing healthy and suffering life-altering hearing loss. Polyurethane provides a comfortable material for the sensitive skin and structure of the ear and can be worn for hours without causing irritation. Its ability to conform to different shapes even after manufacturing means it provides a custom fit that is less likely to become dislodged or fall out. Inexpensive, disposable and portable, there’s never a reason to be without a fresh pair.