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Polyurethane Helps Improve Neurovascular Surgery

A medical device innovation, made from polyurethane, has received FDA approval — giving hope for better healing for those recovering from brain surgery. The device — called an embolization plug — is used to reduce or obstruct the flow of blood within an artery or vein, helping to form a clot and stabilize the blood vessel.

The embolization plug is made with shape-memory polymer technology, which uses low-density polyurethane. The plug can be customized to a range of sizes and with various properties. It can be compressed into a catheter-deliverable shape that expands to its original shape once it reaches the surgical site.

In addition to making use of polyurethane’s biocompatibility, the plug is described as delivering a more even seal than other devices, which helps create a more uniform blood clot and has been shown in pre-clinical testing to encourage better healing.