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New Year, New Home

Every year when January rolls around, you sit down and set new life goals for things like work, health, and family. But what goals do you set for your home? A little redecorating can help you get the fresh start you’re looking for in 2017. Did you know polyurethane is a high-performance material that is strong and durable, yet lightweight? Polyurethane materials, like sealants and insulation, make those renovation projects a lot easier for the construction professionals, and incredible durability means you probably won’t have to rehire them for years!

Thinking about upgrading to a new couch, rug or...

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Polyurethane Gifts for Christmas

Not sure what to get your Secret Santa this year? Here are some ideas – all made possible by polyurethane!

Gadgets and appliances are always fan favorites when it comes to gift giving. From computers to kitchen appliances, polyurethane is helping turn innovative designs and ideas into the products we use every day.

What about a new pair of pumps or the season’s coolest sneaker? Polyurethane adhesives help footwear go that extra mile by keeping parts of the shoe together.

Still not sold? You can never go wrong with a gift for the home. Polyurethane is one of...

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Polyurethane Helps Keep You Warm

‘Tis the season to snuggle with a blanket and sit by the fire. This winter season polyurethane is helping keep you warm in several different ways.

Used in flexible foam and bonding adhesives, polyurethane is one of the most common materials in upholstered furniture, bedding and carpet flooring. Polyurethane helps make your couch comfortable and cushions your feet when you walk on a carpeted floor.

Not only is polyurethane in products inside your home, but it’s also an important component of your home. Polyurethane foam insulation helps keep the indoor environment of your home warm and temperate.

Polyurethane is...

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National Sleep Comfort Month

Through November, or the month of National Sleep Comfort, we should celebrate getting comfortable and falling asleep.

DOW’s Vora Zzz Ultra High Airflow and Moisture-Wicking Foam Technology enhances the breathability of mattresses, promising cooler temperatures throughout the night.  This polyurethane foam increases airflow and wicks moisture away from the body more quickly than traditional foam mattresses.  The Vora Zzz is such an incredible polyurethane innovation, that we might just dream about it!

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Polyurethane Gets New Skin to Protect Against Global Warming

Dow recently launched its ComfortScience customized I-Skin solutions– a new polyurethane integral skin foam now formulated with hydrofluoroolefins (HFOs) that may have lower global warming potential than other chemical compounds such as hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs). The new Dow polyurethane integral skin foam with lower global warming potential is designed for North American companies complying with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s policies.

Polyurethane integral skin foam can be found in the interior of cars, furniture parts, office chairs, and wheel chairs in addition to other applications. Soft to the touch, the integral skin foam provides comfort, protection, and lightweight flexibility.


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Happy Relaxation Day!

Happy Relaxation Day! Polyurethane offers a number of ways to kick back and take a breather. From inflatable hammocks, bedding, to massage tables, polyurethane is here to help you relax.

Forget finding two trees to hang straps for a hammock! The new way to relax has arrived: inflatable hammocks! Inflatable hammocks are made possible by polyurethane. Made of polyurethane-coated nylon, inflatable hammocks are incredibly durable. The military grade nylon helps protect the hammock from water and dirt while providing UV resistance.

Rather cozy up on the couch or in bed? Polyurethane in the form of flexible foam and bonding...

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School’s OUT! How Polyurethane Can Help Teachers Celebrate

The school year has officially ended. Students are free from school rules, homework and teachers. Teachers are also free from students and all the fun, but stressful antics that come with their jobs. We’re guessing most teachers take advantage of this time to relax and de-stress, spend more time at the gym or go on vacation! Polyurethane can make it all possible.

When there are no class periods, story time or any schedule at all – there’s nothing stopping you from an afternoon nap! In the heat of summer your sofa beckons so go ahead and sink into that

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Clean and Healthy Sleep with Dow Washable Memory Foam Technology

The Dow Chemical Company is helping you sleep clean, with new polyurethane technology to create a memory foam pillow with a larger cell structure. These new polyurethane pillows can now be washed and machine-dried like a regular laundry load! Plus, this innovation also allows for additional airflow properties, which means your pillow will literally be cooler! No more flipping to find the side with a lower, more soothing temperature, which is proven to improve sleep.

So, thanks to polyurethane innovation, you can now rest easy, and enjoy a healthier, more restful sleep! 

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The Word Mom Written in Flower made Letters

Happy Mother’s Day!

Wishing all the Mothers out there a very happy and special Mother’s Day! To make it special, we have a few ideas to help you plan the perfect day for you and mom; all with the support of polyurethane of course!

  • Let mom have a few more minutes of beauty rest. She works hard day in and day out and polyurethane foam can help provide some comfort. It is used in many mattresses and pillows to provide support, comfort, durability and breathability.
  • Take mom to the spa and/or nail salon! This is her day, so why not spoil her a...

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  • High Point Market

    Interior design is a fun, creative endeavor that turns a house into a home. High Point Market, starting tomorrow in High Point. N.C., is the annual conference where all of the top names in home and furniture design come together to show off their latest creations.

    High Point Market is not only a beautiful display of artistic design, but also a chance for the industry to learn about the technology and engineering of the products that end up in our homes and daily lives. For example, your living room couch not only sets the style of the...

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