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Buddhas are packaged in foil and ready for export

Polyurethane Cuts Statue Manufacturing Time in Half

An art studio that designs and manufactures statues worldwide has recently been making use polyurethane products. Its typical manufacturing process takes 6 to 8 weeks; however, since the integration of Alchemie’s PU 3676, statues are being completed in as little as 2 to 3 weeks.

PU 3676 is a low viscosity, two-component polyurethane system that can be used to produce patterns, molds, models and prototypes with excellent fine-detail replication. PU 3676 can be filled with mineral or metallic fillers for reduced shrinkage and has rapid demold times even when cast in thin sections. That’s truly incredible!

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DOW Chemical Helps Keep the “Cold Chain” Cold

Dow Chemical Co. introduced a new adhesive material called Monstergrip.  It can bond fiberglass panels to prepared spray foam insulation inside refrigerated trucks and trailers. Refrigerated trucks transport fresh and frozen food safely and efficiently as a key part of the “cold chain.”

Polyurethane keeps the cold in the cold food!

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CPI Announces Finalists for 2017 Polyurethane Innovation Award

WASHINGTON (August 22, 2017) – The Center for the Polyurethanes Industry (CPI) today announced BASF, The Chemours Company, and Covestro as the three finalists for the Polyurethane Innovation Award. This desirable award is respected throughout the industry, and it will be presented during the Polyurethanes Technical Conference in October in New Orleans. It recognizes the past year’s most inventive commercial technology in the polyurethanes industry.

“When we think about the best aspects of the polyurethanes industry, we mean our commitment to developing and advancing technologies that enhance the...

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Flying High with Polyurethane

Today we celebrate the scientific achievement of flight– it’s Aviation Day!

Even if you’re afraid to fly, you can surely recognize the enormous impact aviation has had on both industry and our personal lives. Partly thanks to polyurethane, airplanes and other aircraft have come a long way since the Wright Brothers!

When you’re on your next flight (hopefully to a tropical vacation), look around. You’re likely to be surrounded by polyurethane products. Flexible polyurethane foam is used in airline seats to help passengers stay comfortable on long flights. Many interior surfaces – cabin walls, ceilings, overhead compartments, lavatories –...

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3 Ways Polyurethane Helps Enhance Your Life

Polyurethane is an incredible material that touches almost every industry and enhances our lives in many ways. Here are three important ways polyurethane can make your life better:           

  • Polyurethane can help keep you be comfortable
  • Rigid polyurethane panels used for insulation keep your home warm and comfortable. From the floors to the walls, to the ceilings, polyurethane creates a temperature-controlled environment for the interior of your home, no matter the season.

  • Polyurethane can help keep you stay active
  • A wide variety of athletic gear and apparel is constructed with polyurethane. Polyurethane fibers and coating technology provide support, durability and...

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    BASF’s Thermoplastic Polyurethane Makes Low Impact, No Impact

    The new PSA Peugeot Citroën C4 Cactus is a thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) that provides a buffer to the vehicle’s sensitive surface zones.

    Large air-filled cushion bumpers, called Airbumps®, are fitted around the car to help absorb bumps. These Airbumps® include Elastollan®, a high-performance material created and optimized by BASF. Elastollan® combines the traditional properties of TPU but with enhanced durability and performance. This additional layer offers abrasion resistance, elasticity, and UV- and weather-resistant capabilities to the vehicle’s surface – all thanks to the incredible properties of polyurethane!

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    Polyurethane Celebrates National Golf Month

    The game of golf dates back to 15th-century Scotland, with even more ancient origins around the world debated among scholars. However, new advancements in club and ball technology mean the game is always evolving.

    Did you know some of the highest quality golf balls are coated with polyurethane for better durability and performance? Polyurethane coatings on the exterior surface of golf balls allow them to maintain their shape when you hit them, due to polyurethane’s protective and durable characteristics. The polyurethane coating also makes the ball water-resistant and enables it to better withstand potential abrasion from surfaces on the golf...

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    Dow to Supply Polyurethane for Improved Bicycle Tires

    Dow Chemical (China) and Beijing Mobike Technology have agreed to develop a long-term partnership to develop lighter weight and eco-friendlier bicycles – all with the help of polyurethane!

    Mobike introduced its latest bike model at a celebration to mark its one-year anniversary. The new bicycle uses Dow’s polyurethane materials for insert tires. Dow says, compared with the traditional solid rubber tire, the insert helps reduce weight by 20 percent while improving shock absorption and durability – so your bike ride will feel a lot smoother!

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    Reebok and BASF Innovate the Shoe Production Industry

    Global athletic footwear company Reebok and leading chemical company BASF have teamed up on Reebok’s latest innovation, the Liquid Factory, which could transform the footwear production process.

    The Liquid Factory uses modern software and robotics to draw shoes in three dimensions. This new technique utilizes 3D drawing, where a proprietary liquid material – created especially for Reebok by BASF – is used to draw shoe components cleanly and in 3D layers.

    Reebok approached BASF about a need to find a polyurethane (PU) system with unique properties that could not be found in the market. Instead, the liquid...

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    Beating the Heat with Polyurethane

    As the summer days come and go and the summer months become hotter and hotter, keeping your house cool is very important. One major factor that can help you beat the heat is polyurethane foam insulation. Polyurethane insulation systems help effectively seal off a building from outside elements by creating protective air barriers in attics, walls, and under floors. This can be great for not only your wallet*, but overall energy efficiency, as buildings insulated with polyurethane foam often require smaller heating and air conditioning units, which could save additional money.  It can also help to block pollen,...

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