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Take a Nap with Polyurethane

We all know how important it is to get a good night’s rest, but that might not always happen. When you haven’t slept for the full seven or eight hours, a nap can help you recharge or catch up on those hours you may have skipped.  All you need is a comfortable bed to dive into!

Polyurethane can be found in most upholstered furniture and bedding. It can be used in mattresses to help provide the support your body needs by keeping your neck and back aligned and preventing sore muscles and stiff necks. Polyurethane materials are also lightweight...

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Michelin Introduces Airless Golf Cart Tire

Polyurethane innovation alert! Michelin Tweel Technologies announced the release of the X Tweel Turf, which is a completely airless tire that works with gas- and electric-powered golf carts.

This polyurethane tire is a great solution for vehicles often used in rugged surface conditions since drivers won’t have to worry about the tires becoming flat or losing pressure. It’s reported that the X Tweel Turf can support a load up to 705 pounds due to its high-strength poly-resin spokes that help distribute the weight.

Polyurethane’s durable and versatile properties are playing a big role in helping Michelin Tweel Technologies innovate...

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Happy National Frozen Food Day

National Frozen Food Day celebrates all those yummy foods and snacks in your freezer. While that might be enough reason for us to indulge in delicious, frozen treats, we can’t help but mention that this holiday wouldn’t even be possible without the invention of the freezer!

The most common use of polyurethanes in major appliances is the rigid foam used in the thermal insulation systems of refrigerators and freezers. The polyurethane foam is located between the outer shell and inner liner of refrigerators and freezers to help insulate our food and create a durable bond between the outer and inner...

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National Craft Month

Do you have any DIY projects in the works or hobbies you’ve always wanted to explore? Now is the perfect time – March is National Craft Month! Many people take up arts and crafts because DIY projects are usually budget-friendly, but you may also find that learning a new skill can be fun and fulfilling.

One of the best parts about arts and crafts is seeing all the pieces come together. Did you know that polyurethane-based adhesives and sealants can help contribute new solutions for the assembly and sealing of various products? Not only that, but these adhesives and sealants...

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Get Comfortable for the Annual Movie Awards

Tonight is a big night for movie buffs as well as for actors and directors. Snuggle up with your favorite blanket and get ready for a few hours of speeches, jokes, tears and fancy red-carpet outfits – it’s the night that recognizes excellence in cinematic achievement!

Best Picture is the most coveted award of the night, and the last award to be announced. But don’t fear – if your couch is made with polyurethane, you’ll stay comfortable until the very end, no matter how many winners give long acceptance speeches.

Your couch looks stylish, lasts for a long time,...

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Polyurethane Makes a Sustainable Solution

A recent exhibition at the Cooper Hewitt Museum in New York illustrated how designers from around the world are innovating the world of fashion in a sustainable way. Each designer interpreted the concept of waste differently by handling it throughout different phases of the production process.

One of these designers developed an innovative process for her Riedizioni bags. Inspired by the yarn left over from the fabric loom and thrown away during the cutting process, she decided to experiment and incorporate this scrap material into her handbags. Ultimately, she ended up with a production process that involves a material...

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Long Life for Polyurethanes in Building & Construction!

Extreme environmental conditions and mechanical issues can shorten the life of building and construction materials. Yet, polyurethane can help be a part of the solution!

How can polyurethane help protect against intense mechanical stresses and severe environments? Polycarbonate diols can help polyurethane retain its durability and high performance properties by replacing the traditional polyols used to make polyurethanes with more stable materials to resist forces like water and sun that can weaken the final products. With the help of these polycarbonate diols, polyurethane can better withstand difficult environmental conditions, such as extreme temperatures and humid conditions, and mechanical stresses such...

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Category: Home Builders

3 Valentine Gifts Made Possible with Polyurethane

Happy Valentine’s Day! Have you thought about a gift for your special someone? We have some incredible suggestions!

  • New Bedding
  • Give your valentine the gift of sleeping on super comfortable material – plush polyurethane foam. It can form to almost any shape, so it’s great material for cushions, pillows and furniture. Plus, a mattress pad made out of durable polyurethane will keep its shape for years, so you won’t have to get another one next Valentine’s Day!

  • Athletic gear
  • Want to try out a yoga class or hike a tough trail together? Comfortable workout clothes and shoes could be...

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    A Tribute to the Inventor of Polyurethane

    In celebration of National Inventor’s Day, we recognize Professor Otto Bayer, the “father” of the polyurethane industry. Born in 1902, Dr. Bayer was a German industrial chemist at IG Farbed. In 1952, his research group discovered the magic that happens when an isocyanate and a polyol are mixed – flexible, durable and incredible polyurethane is formed!

    Over the decades polyurethane transformed different industries and today you can find polyurethane in many applications! All because of the innovation from one chemist. Thank you, Dr. Bayer, for incredible polyurethane that helps keep our seats comfortable, our walls insulated and our...

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    Gearing Up for Fashion Week with Polyurethane

    Throughout the year, the fashion industry comes together in the fashion capitals of the world to celebrate artistic creativity. Fashion’s most creative minds and talented craftsmen present their new collections in a series of runway shows and presentations, which then set the upcoming trends of the season.

    In recent years, designers have experimented with different materials that are not only fashion forward, but also durable, long-lasting and comfortable – making polyurethane the go-to choice.

    Polyurethane can be used in a range of clothing, from shoes to faux-leather jackets. Since versatile polyurethane can be fashioned into fine threads, the material has...

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