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5 Incredible Facts about Polyurethane

Today is National Trivia Day! Here are 5 fun facts about polyurethane.

  • You’re probably sitting or standing on polyurethane right now. In our houses, the workplace and even our cars, polyurethane foam supports, protects and cushions us.
  • Polyurethanes are frequently used in the electrical and electronics industries to seal and insulate fragile components. It also protects the exterior of our electronic devices as it is frequently used as a stylish, but durable material for tablet covers and cases.
  • Polyurethane coatings play an essential role in maintaining your vehicle’s glossy appearance by helping protect it from harsh weather conditions. Who doesn’t love...

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New Year, New Home

Every year when January rolls around, you sit down and set new life goals for things like work, health, and family. But what goals do you set for your home? A little redecorating can help you get the fresh start you’re looking for in 2017. Did you know polyurethane is a high-performance material that is strong and durable, yet lightweight? Polyurethane materials, like sealants and insulation, make those renovation projects a lot easier for the construction professionals, and incredible durability means you probably won’t have to rehire them for years!

Thinking about upgrading to a new couch, rug or...

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Achieve Your 2017 Fitness Goals with Polyurethane

It’s that time of the year again. We’re starting to think about New Year’s resolutions. Health and fitness goals always seem to make the top of that list, yet they’re the hardest to follow through.

Luckily, polyurethane athletic apparel can help you reach your performance goals so you can feel good while looking incredible.

Polyurethane coated fabrics are abrasion-resistant, yet soft. These fabrics are also light and breathable, which make them ideal for comfortable, weatherproof clothing such as sports anoraks. So you’ll have no excuse to skip that run even when it’s raining!

Polyurethane is also versatile and...

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BMW Honors Huntsman’s Polyurethanes Division with Supplier Innovation Award

The BMW Group awarded the Supplier Innovation Award to global chemical company, Huntsman, for developing a new polyurethane foam technology.

With chemical expertise and a drive for innovation, the Huntsman team created this unique, low emission, flexible foam for automotive seats that reduces emissions by a factor of ten without compromising comfort or quality. Huntsman is the only supplier to meet BMW’s ambitious emissions requirements for foams used in BMW vehicles. Now that’s incredible!  

It’s a great day when innovation, performance and comfort are integrated into one product!

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Polyurethane Gifts for Christmas

Not sure what to get your Secret Santa this year? Here are some ideas – all made possible by polyurethane!

Gadgets and appliances are always fan favorites when it comes to gift giving. From computers to kitchen appliances, polyurethane is helping turn innovative designs and ideas into the products we use every day.

What about a new pair of pumps or the season’s coolest sneaker? Polyurethane adhesives help footwear go that extra mile by keeping parts of the shoe together.

Still not sold? You can never go wrong with a gift for the home. Polyurethane is one of...

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National “Ugly Christmas Sweater” Day

It’s the Christmas tradition that people love or hate – ugly Christmas sweaters. Today is the day to take them out of storage since it’s National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day!

Wear those ugly Christmas sweaters now since the end of the year is coming up quickly. After the holidays, you’ll be ready to hide the sweaters and hit the gym to work off Santa’s cookies. And fortunately, athletic apparel is much more fashion-forward and comfortable than Christmas sweaters thanks to polyurethane.  

When scientists discovered that polyurethanes could be spun into fine threads, it didn’t take long for polyurethane...

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Polyurethane Helps Keep You Warm

‘Tis the season to snuggle with a blanket and sit by the fire. This winter season polyurethane is helping keep you warm in several different ways.

Used in flexible foam and bonding adhesives, polyurethane is one of the most common materials in upholstered furniture, bedding and carpet flooring. Polyurethane helps make your couch comfortable and cushions your feet when you walk on a carpeted floor.

Not only is polyurethane in products inside your home, but it’s also an important component of your home. Polyurethane foam insulation helps keep the indoor environment of your home warm and temperate.

Polyurethane is...

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Happy National “Roof Over Your Head” Day!

Did you know that National “Roof Over Your Head” Day was created as a day to be thankful for what you have including the house that you live in? And we’re thankful for polyurethane, which plays a major role in the building and construction of your home.

From helping maintain uniform temperature to lowering noise levels, rigid polyurethane foam is commonly used in roof and wall insulation. Polyurethane sealants have strong adhesive properties, which aid in the assembly of new construction materials. This helps your home stay in one piece during tough weather conditions. No wonder architects love polyurethane!


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Thermoplastic Polyurethane Snow Boots

No one likes wet feet, especially when it’s freezing outside! As the winter season approaches, consider getting some thermoplastic polyurethane snow boots to help keep you warm and dry!

Thermoplastic elastomers, which are similar to rubber materials, are chosen by today’s apparel designers for garments, footwear and accessories because they are temperature resistant and pliable.

Not only that, but polyurethane’s revolutionary water-resistant properties and breathable technology give your winter boots the quality and longevity necessary for the long harsh winter. You’ll be able to wear them for many seasons to come!

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National Sleep Comfort Month

Through November, or the month of National Sleep Comfort, we should celebrate getting comfortable and falling asleep.

DOW’s Vora Zzz Ultra High Airflow and Moisture-Wicking Foam Technology enhances the breathability of mattresses, promising cooler temperatures throughout the night.  This polyurethane foam increases airflow and wicks moisture away from the body more quickly than traditional foam mattresses.  The Vora Zzz is such an incredible polyurethane innovation, that we might just dream about it!

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