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Polyurethane Means Business for the U.S. Economy

Regular readers of this blog know polyurethane makes an impact on our lives with its many unique and innovative applications. But polyurethane is also an important contributor to the U.S. economy in ways that reverberate throughout the supply chain. 

A recent report by the American Chemistry Council took a look at the business of polyurethane in the United States today. Among its findings:

Polyurethane Generates Jobs 

One of polyurethane’s most far-reaching impacts is in job creation. While the industry directly employs nearly 270,000 individuals across the country, for every one of those jobs, four other jobs are created. 

Known as...

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3D Printed Polyurethane Soles Spell Pain Relief for Patients

In the advanced stages of diabetes, neuropathy and peripheral vascular disease are common symptoms in patients. These symptoms can wreak havoc on the body, leaving the tissue on the soles of the feet fragile and easily damaged, which can lead to severe discomfort and even the need for amputation.

To help these patients, researchers in Germany have recently developed a form of 3D-printed polyurethane insoles. To prevent pressure wounds, the insoles provide varying degrees of firmness or softness to meet the specific needs of each foot. The insoles provide better support to areas on the bottom of the patient’s foot...

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Polyurethane Squishies Are A Top Toy of the Holiday Season

We’ve all heard of stuffed animals or stuffies — but what about squishies? These pillow-soft characters, usually in the shape of cute critters or objects, are expected to be a top toy of the holiday season. As the name implies, squishies – usually composed of polyurethane foam – are made for squishing. Once squashed, they regain their original shape usually in a matter of a few seconds.

Finding the Right Balance

For a toy manufacturer, the length of time required for a squishy to go from indiscernible mashed object back to its original shape can make all the difference between...

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Polyurethane Sponges Cut Through the Mess

It is likely you never consider what germs may be lurking in your household sponge. After all, a sponge is a more or less permanent fixture at kitchen sinks around the country, and the design of this domestic mainstay has remained virtually unchanged for the past several decades. 

But, the seemingly innocuous sponge harbors its own share of dirty secrets and is not without critics.

Among its detractors, the chief complaint about the sponge is that it offers a breeding ground for germs that can cause serious illnesses like E. coli poisoning. Food particles get stuck in the porous surface of the...

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The Key to Delivering Hot Foods Is in the Bag

More than 85 percent of Americans will attend a holiday get-together this year. Of these, many will be bringing a dish to share with guests, and quite a few revelers will have polyurethane to thank for keeping their party foods hot.

You may already know polyurethane is a great insulator – often refrigerators are lined with polyurethane to keep foods cold, but did you know PU can also be used as a portable way to keep foods warm as well?

For years, pizza delivery drivers have been using polyurethane-foam insulated bags to keep their Italian offerings piping hot – from...

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Polyurethane Helps Usher in a New Era of Outdoor Art

Among high-net-worth art aficionados, a new trend is emerging that has masterpieces being created exclusively for life alfresco. Outdoor artwork often consists of grand-scale sculptures and installations that play with the landscape and elements like scenery, color and background.

In creating these commissioned pieces, artists are faced with a unique challenge. Their work must not only be creatively intriguing, it must also be able to withstand inclement weather, freezing or scorching temperatures and even pollution with little service and upkeep required.

While the construction of some pieces uses more traditional elements like steel, aluminum or brass, others are far more...

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Polyurethane Compound Quiets Cars & Lightens the Load

In the world of automotive innovation, engineers and designers are constantly looking to make cars faster and lighter, as well as for ways to dampen cabin noise.

Today, one domestic car manufacturer is turning to graphene-enhanced polyurethane foam to create under-the-hood parts that could have far-reaching implications for the automotive world. 

Even to those unfamiliar, it is easy to see why some have dubbed graphene the “material of the future.” The substance is thin, flexible and 200x stronger than steel. It also has high noise-dampening qualities.

Now, one car maker is combining graphene with polyurethane and using the compound to...

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Female scientist looking at beaker of liquid

2018 Polyurethane Innovation Award Honors Technical Achievement

Since its introduction to the world in the 1930s, polyurethane has continued to impact and improve daily life for much of the global population. Today, thanks to the actions of an active, imaginative and inquisitive polyurethane industry, the boundaries of scientific achievement and discovery are ever expanding. Each new year brings scientific breakthroughs; results once thought only to be the stuff of imagination a few short years ago are now commonplace.

While the introduction of a new polyurethane-based product to the marketplace can bring short-term excitement, the product itself is often the result of years of research, technical labor and...

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Synthetic Suede’s Rise to Luxury Auto Interiors

From kangaroo to ostrich to calfskin, animal products have long been hyped as the most popular and, therefore, greatest options for interior automotive design. Today, thanks to polyurethane, a new – though perhaps unexpected – high-water mark for luxury upholstery has been established with the introduction of synthetic suede.

A vegan product made from two-thirds polyester and one-third polyurethane, synthetic suede is a great modern-day fabric option.

Thanks to the rise in car-sharing and high-end driving services, today’s luxury interiors must be prepared to withstand tremendous amounts of passenger wear and tear – and synthetic suede can take a beating....

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Cornhole Takes Aim with Polyurethane

Baseball may be America’s national pastime, but as cornhole becomes a more common sight at tailgate parties, backyard barbecues and breweries, it may soon be issuing a formal challenge to baseball for the title. An impressive feat for a simple game played with just a few bean bags and two boards, but simplicity may be what makes cornhole so appealing.

The game is becoming so popular that several made-for-purchase, pre-fab sets have entered the marketplace, which can be a good option for rookies just getting familiar with the game. However, enthusiasts will tell you the true hallmark of any cornhole...

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