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Set Sail with Polyurethane

When it comes to enjoying the sun and waves from a boat or on a surfboard, polyurethane is here to help keep things afloat. 

Boaters can enjoy the comforts of home on the water, thanks in part to flexible polyurethane foam. Polyurethane is used to make seat cushions and carpet pads firm but soft, and keeps bedding materials supportive and comfortable.

Polyurethane epoxy resins can also help seal the outside of the boat from water, weather, corrosion and elements that increase drag, affect hydrodynamics and reduce durability.

In addition, rigid polyurethane foam can insulate boats from noise and temperature extremes, provides abrasion and tear resistance, and increases load-bearing capacity, all while adding minimal weight.

Thermoplastic polyurethane can also be used in the maritime industry. It is an elastic and durable substance, well suited for wire and cable coatings, engine tubing, drive belts, hydraulic hoses and seals.