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Polyurethane Casting Brings Dinosaur to Life

The American Museum of Natural History has used polyurethane in a new innovation – and has welcomed a new inhabitant: a 122 ft titanosaur.

Polyurethane foam created a massive cast of the newly-found fossils of this unnamed species. This innovative casting method, is said to be more cost effective and safer for the fossils. This is a great break-through for historians and archeologists – and of course, the toddler in us all that loves to see a dinosaur come to life.

Another BIG win for science! Thanks, polyurethane!

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Mardi Gras

Kings cake, beads and beignets: just a few of the items that remind us of Mardi Gras. Wherever in the world you may be celebrating Fat Tuesday, you will also likely be celebrating with polyurethane!

Polyurethane can be found in a lot of the materials that supply your best parties! Incredible durability makes it the perfect finishing coat for crafty purple masks, shiny golden beads and many other fun plastic decorations.

You may be wearing a feathered mask, but you can’t hide from incredible polyurethane!

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Happy New Year

3..2..1..HAPPY NEW YEAR! Now that you have counted down to the New Year, it’s time to count the ways polyurethane impacts our lives. Here’s a Top 10 list of how polyurethane is used every day:

  • Lightweight and breathable exercise clothing
  • Reliable and warm insulation
  • Soft, yet supportive mattress foam
  • Waterproof and durable running shoes
  • Solid plastics used in electronics
  • Comfortable car cushions
  • Beautiful wood finishes and varnishes
  • Flexible body panels for vehicles
  • Energy-saving insulation in kitchen appliances
  • Durable and water-resistance adhesives
  • What’s your favorite way you use polyurethane?

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    Book Lovers Day

    That’s right – a whole day devoted to the book worm in us all. Get comfortable, curl up under a blanket and grab your favorite page-turner.

    We don’t judge a book by its cover, but do know that it is important. The story would simply fall apart without the cover! Whether it’s one of the new bestsellers or the college textbooks we studied during all-nighters, polyurethane is used to help many books stay bound – even after much wear and tear.

    Flexible and durable polyurethane adhesives are typically used in bookbinding to create the spine for books. Polyurethane works...

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    Polyurethane Helps on Halloween

    It’s that time of year again: the time to be someone—or something– you’re not. When you finally decide on who or what you’d like to be this year on October 31st – polyurethane will be there to help in your transformation.

    If you’re planning to be the talk of the neighborhood trick-or-treat route with a decked out candy stop, you should know that most of your props and decorations are made with polyurethane. The material can protect your plastic pumpkins and life-sized witches so they last through the toils and troubles of Halloweens for years to come. For a...

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    Welcome Back Alumni!

    It’s that time of year again! Proud alumni are returning to their old stomping grounds for homecoming celebrations. Cars and trucks park on the outskirts of football stadiums across the nation as former and current students tailgate with burgers on the grill, a stocked cooler, and a friendly game of corn hole.

    Did you know that polyurethane is there to help you celebrate?

    Some trucks have a polyurethane spray coating applied to the bed of the truck – helping protect the surface from wear and tear.

    Polyurethane can also be found in coolers. Polyurethane insulating foam is a versatile...

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    Smudge-free with Polyurethane

    Great news for all you clean freaks! A team from Queen’s University may have developed a way to make surfaces smudge-free. No more grubby fingerprints on your cellphone! This is all possible with the help of polyurethane, of course!

    By using a polyurethane based coating, the Queen’s University team may have found a way to keep the surfaces of electronics clean and clear. The innovation also has the ability to repel both water and oil soluble contaminants such as ink, artificial fingerprints, and paint. The requirements for coatings to be considered “anti-smudge” are actually very rigorous: it cannot adversely...

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    Lights, Camera, Polyurethane!

    What do big budget action movies, festival darling independent films, and trophy-contending dramas have in common? Polyurethane of course!

    Movie sets not only need to be built quickly and inexpensively, but they also must stand up to the wear and tear of daily filming.

    Polyurethane can be easily formulated to provide a wide range of physical properties – it can be used to mimic structural material as well as living materials, such as tree bark and animal skins.

    Polyurethane is also used in masks to create fantasy creatures we see on screen. Polyurethane is light weight and has the...

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    Mini Golf Day

    Happy Mini Golf Day! Whether you’re putt- putting across a narrow bridge or trying to guide the ball between the giant windmill’s fins, polyurethane can add to the fun!  Did you know putters made for mini golf are actually coated with polyurethane?

    Polyurethane foam can also be used to make the putting green that much more challenging. Whether it is fake stone made out of polyurethane, or one of the many props decorating the green scenery, polyurethane is there making the game that much more exciting!

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    Up, Up, and Away with Polyurethane

    Polyurethane foam has long been recognized in the aerospace industry for its insulation properties, but polyurethane can also be found on commercial aircraft – both inside and out. From the passenger cabin walls, ceilings, overhead stowage, lavatories, and even the polyurethane coating that can add shine and protection to the exterior of the airplane, polyurethane helps travelers arrive at their destinations in comfort and style. The sleek and shiny exterior of an aircraft can sometimes be attributed to a water-based polyurethane coating painted on the outside exterior of the plane. Polyurethane is even resistant to heat just over 300 degrees...

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