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Combining Art and Science: Aircraft Paints and Coatings

Airline passengers and aviation enthusiasts often marvel at advancements in jet engines, cockpit electronics and aircraft size. But we rarely appreciate the importance of aircraft paint and recognize its contributions to safety, fuel efficiency and aerodynamics.

The challenges are obvious for paint on the exterior of aircraft: The paint must protect the exterior surfaces of an airplane at 500 miles per hour or more, including high levels of ultraviolet (UV) exposure, rapid and extreme temperature changes, high wind velocities, and the effects of rain.

Similarly, paint and coatings inside the cabin of an aircraft must meet high standards of function, durability and style. Interior cabin coatings must meet strict standards for flammability, smoke and toxicity.

In addition to meeting safety standards, aircraft polyurethane paint and coatings have many benefits. For example, using a polyurethane coating inside the aircraft cabin is a cost effective way to improve the passenger experience while meeting safety and durability standards. 

New paint and coatings innovations involve polyurethanes as well. 

Polyurethane also plays a major role in coatings for homes and buildings and vehicles of all kinds as they provide durability, weather resistance, and stability.