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Mojee Cline, a Technical Department Manager at Fomo, shared how temperature indicating technology is used with polyurethane foam.

Temperature indicating technology gets cool upgrade thanks to polyurethane science from Fomo

 Fomo’s ColorwiseTM Temperature-Indicating Nozzles have enabled easy use of temperature indicating technology for use with polyurethane foam. For many industries, including adhesive manufacturing and spray foam, chemical temperature is critical to a good end result. Find out more about this new development in temperature indicating technology in our interview with Mojee Cline, a Technical Department Manager at Fomo below.

Q.  Can you explain Fomo’s ColorwiseTM  Temperature-Indicating Nozzles and how the idea happened?

A. ColorwiseTM  Temperature Warning Nozzles change from clear to blue, indicating that the chemical has reached an extreme cold temperature and the foam should not be dispensed, a visual warning to the end user, at the point of spraying, that the chemical is too cold. The Nozzle turns blue when chemical is at an extremely cold temperature (55–60°F) and it turns clear when spraying chemical at optimal chemical temperature.

The idea came from a brain storming session to identify how we could continue to enhance our products to better serve our end user.

Q. Did anything in particular inspire you?

A. During our brain storming session, participants brought in products from other industries where temperature is critical, just as it is in our industry. There are a lot of products (e.g. beer labels, baby bottles, etc.) that utilize temperature indicating technology, and we found a way to apply it to our industry.

Q. Your product will improve efficiency of nozzles for polyurethane end-users in many different sectors. What is the most meaningful for you when it comes to innovating products for end-users? Is there a down-stream sector in particular that you feel this product will really help?

A. What is most meaningful is customer satisfaction in having a value-added benefit that makes jobs easier and more profitable.

For the down-stream sector, end users and their customers…foam sprayed at the optimum temperature will have better yield and less likely to have performance issues.  This will make jobs more efficient, faster, and more profitable.

Q. What was the biggest challenge you overcame?

A. From a technical point of view, it was finding the right additive and the right amount in order for the color change to occur at the correct temperature.

Q. What is the next step after ColorwiseTM ?

A. We’re constantly working to evolve and enhance our products. Keep checking back to see what we release next!

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