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Michelin Introduces Airless Golf Cart Tire

Polyurethane innovation alert! Michelin Tweel Technologies announced the release of the X Tweel Turf, which is a completely airless tire that works with gas- and electric-powered golf carts.

This polyurethane tire is a great solution for vehicles often used in rugged surface conditions since drivers won’t have to worry about the tires becoming flat or losing pressure. It’s reported that the X Tweel Turf can support a load up to 705 pounds due to its high-strength poly-resin spokes that help distribute the weight.

Polyurethane’s durable and versatile properties are playing a big role in helping Michelin Tweel Technologies innovate...

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National Craft Month

Do you have any DIY projects in the works or hobbies you’ve always wanted to explore? Now is the perfect time – March is National Craft Month! Many people take up arts and crafts because DIY projects are usually budget-friendly, but you may also find that learning a new skill can be fun and fulfilling.

One of the best parts about arts and crafts is seeing all the pieces come together. Did you know that polyurethane-based adhesives and sealants can help contribute new solutions for the assembly and sealing of various products? Not only that, but these adhesives and sealants...

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A Tribute to the Inventor of Polyurethane

In celebration of National Inventor’s Day, we recognize Professor Otto Bayer, the “father” of the polyurethane industry. Born in 1902, Dr. Bayer was a German industrial chemist at IG Farbed. In 1952, his research group discovered the magic that happens when an isocyanate and a polyol are mixed – flexible, durable and incredible polyurethane is formed!

Over the decades polyurethane transformed different industries and today you can find polyurethane in many applications! All because of the innovation from one chemist. Thank you, Dr. Bayer, for incredible polyurethane that helps keep our seats comfortable, our walls insulated and our...

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National Bubble Wrap Day

Moving to a new place can be a frustrating task – partly because of packing. On the bright side, you may end up with a large inventory of bubble wrap to pop and relieve all that stress!

Did you know that polyurethane foam also makes great packing material? Due to its durable and flexible capabilities, polyurethane can be molded into various shapes and sizes – which makes it well suited for packing and protecting all those oddly-shaped objects you have laying around.

Polyurethane-based adhesives and sealants are also important as they help provide new solutions for assembly, joining...

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Aviation History Month

November is Aviation History Month! Did you know that the first commercial flight was flown on February 25, 1914, making a roundtrip from Saint Petersburg to Kiev in 14 hours and 38 minutes? After various technological advancements, aviation has come a long way and flying has become a lot more comfortable for passengers!

What helps make a flight more relaxing? Polyurethane foam is used in the cushioning of airplane seats and throughout the interior of the plane, resulting in a more comfortable environment. Your travel experience is now better, whether you’re a frequent flyer or an occasional traveler.


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P is for Polyurethane-Improved Pipes

The durability of polyurethane helps protect oil and mining pipes from harsh environmental conditions. The improved strength and better mechanical resistance, due to the use of polyurethane-based inner casting for pipes, provide tough resistance against intense abrasion and extreme weather.

Chemical company UBE has found a way to further enhance polyurethane’s durability by harnessing the power of polyurethane produced from polycarbonate diols (PCD), such as the Eternacoll Polycarbonate Polyol. The polyurethane produced from PCD exhibits better strength, abrasion resistance, high thermal stability, and thus, more durability!

Tough polyurethane helps strengthen our oil and mining pipes in the...

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Happy “Buy a Book” Day!

“Buy a Book Day” began in 2012 to celebrate the importance of books in today’s culture. Did you know that polyurethane plays an important role in the creation of these timeless works of literature?

Polyurethane is responsible for keeping your books tightly bound. Modern book binding uses a polyurethane adhesive, which gives your books the flexibility and durability to travel with you to school, work, the park, and anywhere you enjoy flipping through some pages.

One method of book binding utilizes hot-melt polyurethane adhesives. Hot-melt adhesives have a lower melting point. This allows the adhesive to set quickly when...

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Celebrate Labor Day Weekend with Polyurethane!

Labor Day weekend is just around the corner. Kick back and relax while polyurethane works to keep you comfortable and at ease!

Ready for your Labor Day cookout? Polyurethane works with all of your essential cookout needs— polyurethane is on the job for you.

Rigid polyurethane foam, which is used to insulate your fridge, keeps drinks cold and ready to drink.

So, enjoy an ice-cold drink this Labor Day weekend courtesy of polyurethane.

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Polyurethane Rides in Style

Clear the streets – a new generation of vehicles will take over the road! This year, motor company Yamaha introduced its newest model of transportation: The 05GEN. What makes this “wearable mobility” function? Polyurethane.

The 05GEN is specially designed for comfort and convenience. Its three-wheeled design uses Elastollan, a thermoplastic polyurethane, as well as Infinergy, the world’s first expanded thermoplastic polyurethane. Elastollan enables Yamaha to use a variety of texture and colors on the 05GEN exterior, while Infinergy gives the tires more control for a smoother ride.

With polyurethane innovation in tow, the future of traveling has arrived.

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Happy Aviation Day!

Leading polymer company Covestro partnered with Swiss aviation pioneers Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg to create a revolutionary aircraft that would complete the first solar-powered, around-the-world flight. The plane, Solar Impulse, has become a technology driver for countless, everyday products through the use of innovative, efficient polyurethane products.

The plane’s solar cells generated electricity which was stored in heavy batteries, and to compensate for the added weight, the Solar Impulse needed lightweight and sustainable materials.  Polyurethane was the solution for such a lightweight demand. Polyurethane foam can be found in the Solar Impulse’s cockpit door and insulation.

Covestro CEO...

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