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Polyurethane Shines During National Piano Month

It’s National Piano Month, and polyurethane has an important part to play in making today’s pianos both tough and beautiful. The mirror-like finish on modern pianos is so sought after in furniture design it’s actually called “piano black,” and achieving it is quite a process.

First, the wood and fiberboard the piano is made of ARE planed and sanded as smooth as possible. Then, sprayed layers of primer and polyurethane coating are applied. Multiple layers are sprayed to build up a thick coat. While the surface may look shiny, it’s far from finished. The coating must be sanded and smoothed until it is completely flat and then polished to a high shine. Only on a flat surface will the light bounce off the instrument like it would off a mirror.

The result is a beautiful shine that is also durable and resistant to scratches and abrasions. Bravo, polyurethane!