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Don’t Delay Planning Mom’s Special Day

Through the years, moms do a lot for their families and their job doesn’t stop even when the kids grow up. This Mother’s Day, let polyurethane help you make mom’s day even more special.

Let her hit the snooze button in the morning. Nothing says you appreciate her more than allowing your mom to get her rest. Polyurethane foam is used in a lot of today’s mattresses. It’s not only comfortable, but durable. Polyurethane is why pillows and mattress pads hold their shape for years.

No matter how you plan that special day for mom, she deserves the best....

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Set Sail with Polyurethane

When it comes to enjoying the sun and waves from a boat or on a surfboard, polyurethane is here to help keep things afloat. 

Boaters can enjoy the comforts of home on the water, thanks in part to flexible polyurethane foam. Polyurethane is used to make seat cushions and carpet pads firm but soft, and keeps bedding materials supportive and comfortable.

Polyurethane epoxy resins can also help seal the outside of the boat from water, weather, corrosion and elements that increase drag, affect hydrodynamics and reduce durability.

In addition, rigid polyurethane foam can insulate boats from noise and...

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High Point Furniture Show

From April 18-23, the Spring High Point Market show took place in North Carolina. Every six months, High Point brings more than 75,000 people to its furnishings trade show, making it the largest furnishing industry trade show in the world! At the show, tens of thousands of new products are introduced in 11.5 million square feet of show space.

 The furniture industry uses polyurethane due to the comfort, durability and flexibility it provides. Polyurethane is one of the reasons why pillows and mattress pads are able to hold their shape for years. It is also a widely used...

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Hole in One with Polyurethane

Now that the warmer weather is finally settling in and the smell of a fresh cut fairway is in the air, you are bound to see more people at the driving range or out on the greens. Without the proper golf equipment, it may be a little harder making that hole in one, but versatile polyurethane is here to help.

New golf ball technology has been developed with a low-compression core and a polyurethane cover that can help the ball maintain a sufficient distance, maintain more control, and much more.

The RocketBladez Golf club innovations involve polyurethanes as...

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Getting More Mileage with Polyurethane

Polyurethane has long been a staple in designing and manufacturing automobiles. Many people know that polyurethane is used in vehicle seats to provide stylish comfort, but foam is also widely used in headrests, arm rests, bumpers, windows, doors, the car body, spoilers, and even instrument panels.

Auto manufacturers and polyurethane producers are looking beyond the soft surfaces, sound absorption, and structural properties to additional applications of polyurethane materials in the automotive industry. And, they are finding that polyurethane can be used to help solve one of the most significant challenges facing automakers today: lightweighting.

In order to maximize fuel efficiency...

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A Good Night’s Rest Puts Polyurethane to the Test

When it comes to a good night’s rest, not only do you need soft and cozy sheets, you need a durable, comfortable, and supportive mattress too.

One of the benefits of polyurethane foam is its resistance to body impressions. Polyurethane foam can help reduce changes in the firmness of a mattress. The chances of mold and mildew infiltration are also reduced due to the open cell structure which makes for a more breathable material.

Not all polyurethane foam is the same, so much like with Goldilocks, it’s a matter of finding that mattress that’s just right. Nevertheless, one...

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Creating With Chemistry

The origin of polyurethane dates back to the beginning of World War II with the development of a new organic polymer intended to replace rubber. Since then, advancements in chemical technology and new formulations have resulted in the variety of applications you see on this website.


Athletic man running in a rainy day.

athletic apparel

When scientists discovered that polyurethanes could be spun into fine threads it didn’t take long for this new polyurethane fiber to be combined with nylon to create an array of lightweight, stain resistant and elastic garments. That was a big moment for all of us who like to look our best at all times.



Technology has changed every aspect of our lives. But nowhere has advancing technology been more evident than in the electronics industry.


home builders

With its excellent strength-to-weight ratio, insulation properties, durability and versatility, polyurethane is a common component in building and construction applications. Polyurethane building products perform countless tasks as they add aesthetic design flexibility.