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Category: Athletics

Hole in One with Polyurethane

Now that the warmer weather is finally settling in and the smell of a fresh cut fairway is in the air, you are bound to see more people at the driving range or out on the greens. Without the proper golf equipment, it may be a little harder making that hole in one, but versatile polyurethane is here to help.

New golf ball technology has been developed with a low-compression core and a polyurethane cover that can help the ball maintain a sufficient distance, maintain more control, and much more.

The RocketBladez Golf club innovations involve polyurethanes as well. Some clubs include a small amount of polyurethane found in a two millimeter-wide slot in the sole that is able to flex and rebound on impact. The polyurethane in the “speed pocket” helps to boost the speed of the ball and increase distance.

Whether you’re on a par-3 or par-5, polyurethane is sure to help you reach the putting green with ease.