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Category: Automotive

Getting More Mileage with Polyurethane

Polyurethane has long been a staple in designing and manufacturing automobiles. Many people know that polyurethane is used in vehicle seats to provide stylish comfort, but foam is also widely used in headrests, arm rests, bumpers, windows, doors, the car body, spoilers, and even instrument panels.

Auto manufacturers and polyurethane producers are looking beyond the soft surfaces, sound absorption, and structural properties to additional applications of polyurethane materials in the automotive industry. And, they are finding that polyurethane can be used to help solve one of the most significant challenges facing automakers today: lightweighting.

In order to maximize fuel efficiency and meet related federal CAFE guidelines, automakers are working to create innovative lightweight materials and integrate them into vehicle designs.

Polyurethane parts can play an important role in reducing the weight of vehicles and making them more fuel efficient.

Aviation, commercial transport, shipping, and many other sectors may also benefit from lightweight polyurethane-based materials.