look what we did!Innovations From Polyurethane Manufacturers

Polyurethane Helps Bring Resiliency Home

As extreme weather becomes more common and seismic events continue to threaten many areas of the globe, resiliency has become a watchword for those in the building and construction industries.  Resilient design and construction can help structures withstand or minimize the effects of hurricane-force winds, heavy flooding, and even earthquakes.

As the International Builders Show opens today in Orlando, FL, resiliency will be on the minds of many attendees. From better roofing materials to stronger bonds for structural components, polyurethane has an important role to play in making homes and other structures not only more energy-efficient, but also better...

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Get Ready to See Polyurethane in Action at CES

It’s that time of year again! The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) will open next Tuesday in Las Vegas and the world will be amazed at the latest, must-have gadgets and technology. And many of those innovations depend on polyurethane.

For many electronic devices — such as gaming consoles, fitness tracking devices and virtual reality headsets — polyurethane provides protection for sensitive electronic components. Meanwhile, in 3-D printers, polyurethane can be the raw material for creating prototypes, components and more.

Over at the vehicle technology venue, polyurethane will be helping make self-driving and traditional vehicle bodies lighter so that they can...

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Happy Sustainable New Year!

If your New Year’s resolutions include reducing your carbon footprint, polyurethane can help.

Waste Less Food

At the store, polyurethane packaging keeps food fresher, longer. At home, your polyurethane-lined refrigerator extends food life even more. Buying an energy-efficient refrigerator helps you reduce your impact on the environment even more.

Use Less Energy

From lighter-weight vehicles that reduce our reliance on fossil fuels to the insulation in your walls that can help cut heating and cooling needs, polyurethane can help you save energy.

Conserve Natural Resources

Using composite materials can contribute to energy efficiency and help conserve timber, stone, and...

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Steel Gas Waste Gets a New Life as Polyurethane

A European consortium is exploring how flue gas from the steel industry can be used to create plastics in a more efficient and sustainable way. This new use for what has heretofore been a waste product of steel manufacturing will also reduce the need for crude oil in the plastics production process. The final polyurethane material can be used to make insulation and coatings.

Using a mixture of carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide released during the steel production process, polyols that will later be used in the production of polyurethane materials can be created. Scientists have estimated that this will...

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Printed Golf Grips Reshape the Game

Learning the correct grip for your golf swing can take years of practice. But a student engineering team from Virginia Tech may have discovered a shortcut. They have created a customized, 3-D printed grip that helps guide a golfer’s hands into the correct position.

Students made clay molds of players’ hands in the correct position and then 3-D printed them to create a grip that can be slipped on and off a club. While the grips are not allowed in regulation play, they act as a training aid to help golfers build muscle memory and get more consistent results without...

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Category: Athletics

New Midsole Puts a Spring in Runners’ Steps

When it comes to running shoes, it’s what’s in the midsole that counts. The midsole needs to provide optimal stability and cushioning to help support the punishing pounding of mile after mile. Many traditional midsoles are made from other lightweight materials. However, over time, the material compresses and loses its cushioning.

Enter a new midsole made of polyurethane, which naturally expands, returning energy to the runner after force is applied. In a regular shoe, most energy is converted to heat, which you can literally feel in the sole of the shoe after a tough workout. But with this new...

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Polyurethane Takes on the World Solar Challenge

Imagine racing across a dusty desert terrain for more than 1,800 miles, facing temperatures of up to 113°F. Now imagine doing it without a drop of fuel. That’s the task that faced a team of Austrian students when they entered the 2017 World Solar Challenge.

Called the toughest solar car race in the world, the World Solar Challenge has been testing the limits of what solar-powered vehicles can do for 30 years. Teams from around the globe converge on the Australian outback for a weeklong test of their vehicle’s abilities.

This year, the Austrian team had additional help in the...

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Head South for the Winter with Polyurethane

If chilly weather has you dreaming of the sunshine, there’s no better way to escape than to head south on the water. Today’s high-performance boats rely on polyurethane in a number of ways. First, polyurethane coatings and sealants help seal hulls and resist water, weather and other maritime damages. Maintaining a smooth and well-sealed exterior helps keep boats more hydrodynamic, allowing them to move through the water faster.

On board, polyurethane can make a boat as comfortable as home with flexible polyurethane foams used in components ranging from seat cushions and carpet padding to bedding materials. Best of all,...

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Secrets of the Perfect Piecrust

It’s National Pastry Day, and incredible polyurethane holds the key to making your next pastry crust the envy of any baker. The secret is in your refrigerator. In fact, it IS your refrigerator! Cold ingredients are key to great pie crusts. And of course, polyurethane is great for keeping your refrigerator and freezer sealed and insulated so ingredients stay their coldest.

After you’ve rolled out your crust and placed it in a pie dish, place it in the fridge for 20 to 30 minutes which allows the gluten in the flour to relax (settle?).  This will help keep your...

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Put Polyurethane on the List This Year

Chances are someone in your family is dreaming of a new gadget or device for the holidays. Electronics have become ubiquitous in our lives, and technology continues to move forward at a blistering pace. But did you know many of this year’s hottest holiday gifts wouldn’t be possible without polyurethane?

From wearable fitness trackers to voice-activated personal assistants to virtual reality headsets, many of today’s electronic devices rely on non-foam polyurethanes called potting compounds or conformal coatings in order to perform their amazing tasks. These polyurethane substances help protect sensitive electronic components from a variety of potentially damaging stressors,...

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