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2022 Polyurethane Innovation Award Goes to Carbon’s EPU 44 3D Printed Elastomeric Resin

The Annual Polyurethane Innovation Award

Each year, the Center for the Polyurethanes Industry presents the Polyurethane Innovation Award. This honor recognizes companies and individuals in the polyurethane industry whose perseverance and vision bring exciting new technologies, products, and initiatives to life. The award acknowledges the most inventive commercial technologies in the marketplace that have been introduced over the last 12 months. This year’s award was given to Carbon’s EPU 44 Printed Elastomeric Resin.


The 2022 Award Winner

Regular readers will be familiar with the important and growing role polyurethane has played in 3D printing. Carbon’s EPU 44 is a 40 percent bio-based production-grade elastomeric 3D printing resin that shows you don’t have to comprise performance when working with sustainable materials. Its superior latticing performance uses less material and is suitable where high resiliency is needed, like in athletic shoes. It also prints faster and protects intricate designs due to its ability to withstand processing and handling.


The material has been used by international shoe brands to create high-performance midsoles for running shoes. Athletes can experience precision performance in every foot movement with the combination of EPU 44 and other technologies. EPU 44 can be used as an alternative to traditional foam thanks to its energy return, how much it can stretch without breaking, tear resistance, and unique and customizable compression profiles that create quality, comfort, and cushioning.


Presenting the Award

Three finalists presented their products at the 64th Polyurethanes Technical Conference in National Harbor, Maryland from October 3-5. The other two finalists were DuPont’s Thermax™ Non-Halogen Insulation and The Chemours Company’s Opteon™ 1150, a next generation hydrofluoroolefin foam blowing agent. Carbon was announced the winner on the final day of the conference.