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Your Camping Top 10, Courtesy of Polyurethane

Planning an outdoor adventure? Here are 10 items to be sure to bring for maximum comfort and fun, all thanks to their use of polyurethane.


  1. Tent — Your tent is your first line of defense against the elements. Polyurethane coatings help repel water and prevent rips and tears even on rocky or uneven surfaces.


  1. Sleeping bag — Sleeping bags come in a variety of levels of insulation, depending on the environment where you’ll be camping. These are rated for a wide range of temperatures — going as low as -50° F. Not only can layers of insulating materials made from polyurethane help keep you warm, but polyurethane fabrics can also help wick sweat away and keep moisture out.


  1. Inflatable pillow — An inflatable pillow is a great choice for those who need to travel light. A chamber made of polyurethane makes it easy to set up for the night and set to your desired level of firmness. Plus, it folds down to almost nothing when you hit the trail. Polyurethane’s durability also helps make sure your pillow lasts for season after season of camping trips.


  1. Cooler — Keeping food cold — and safe from wildlife — is a challenge for longer camping trips. Coolers lined with polyurethane insulation can keep food colder, longer while also trapping any odors that might attract local animals.


  1. Clothing — Polyurethane materials come in handy in your clothing choices due to their moisture-resistance and durability. They allow for a wide range of motion and can be found in everything from athletic shirts and pants to jackets and gloves. Even boots and shoes use polyurethane adhesives and other materials in their soles.


  1. Kayak/Paddleboard — If your camping trip includes a visit to a lake or river, why not bring along a collapsible kayak or inflatable paddleboard? Thanks to polyurethane, these vessels are light and portable. They can be assembled and broken back down in mere minutes, so you can spend more time out on the water.


  1. Camp chairs — Some beach and camp chairs use polyurethane foam in their padding to provide a more comfortable seat. Polyurethane is particularly good for such an application because, in addition to its comfort, its moisture-repellant qualities help protect the cushions from water and sweat.


  1. Reusable utensils — Reusing your utensils when you camp is an environmentally friendly solution that also means you won’t be stuck toting more trash out of your campsite. Cutlery made from bamboo — one of the world’s most renewable materials — and coated with a food-safe polyurethane coating won’t absorb food flavors and can be reused for years to come.


  1. Water bottle — Proper hydration is key whenever you’re outdoors and active. A polyurethane insulated water bottle or thermos can help keep your water cool and fresh-tasting or keep heated beverages warmer, longer.


  1. Dog gear — Dogs can make great companions on your camping trips — but don’t forget about their comfort, too. The same things you might need on your trip, from a sturdy rain jacket or coat to vessels to eat and drink from, come in versions specially made for dogs. Many of these collapse or fold down as well for easy storage.