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Clean your Fridge Day

Sometimes throughout the busy week, it is inevitable that our refrigerators become a little crowded. Trying to find that jar of jelly turns into a strategic game of chess – moving items skillfully to the front back and side. Today is the day to toss that clutter goodbye! Happy “Clean your Fridge Day”!

Refrigerators and freezers are extremely important appliances. And polyurethane foam helps keep our food cool and fresh. The polyurethane foam is generally located between the outer shell and inner liner of refrigerators and freezers to insulate our food and create a durable bond between the outer and inner walls.

Polyurethane may not help us remember to throw away our Chinese takeout, but it can help us keep items fresh for longer. So, take advantage of “Clean Your Fridge Day” and check one more chore off your list.